Health class notes snyder p-1 product labels through consumer problems

  1. What important info can be found on product labels?
    • Name and intended use
    • Direction for use
    • Precautions and warnings
    • Manufacturers' information
    • Ingrediants
    • Active ingrediants
  2. Upsides to online shopping
    • Sometimes better price
    • Conveniant (delivered to house don't have to leave at all)
  3. Downsides to online shopping
    Only view a picture, can try on or examine.
  4. Safeguards to consider for online shopping
    • Get permission
    • Make sure site is secure
    • Check organizations return policy
    • Write down any confirmation numbers
  5. Define health care system
    All the medical care available to a nation's people, the way they recieve care and the method of payment
  6. Define general care
    Primary care physicians(medical doctors who provide physical checkups and general care)
  7. Define specialized care
    Specialists(Medical doctors trained to handle particular kinds of patients or medical conditions)
  8. Define Preventive care
    Actions that prevent onset of diease or injury
  9. Define Inpatient care
    Patients with illness or injury who have to stay at the hospital
  10. Define Outpatient care
    Allows the patient to return home the same day
  11. Define Private practices
    Physicians who work for themselves. Usually out patient, but are associated with a hospital in case inpatient care is needed
  12. Define Clinics
    Physicians provide outpatient care in a community clinic rather then an office
  13. Define group practices
    Like private, but in a group setting
  14. Define hosptials
    Offer both in and out patient care. Some physicians work at hospitals, private/group and come to hosptials when nessisary.
  15. Emergency room
    In hospitals for potentially life threatening illnesses or injuries
  16. Urgent care centers:
    Emergencies that are not life threatening
  17. Health insurance
    A plan in which private companies or government programs pay for part or all of a person's medical costs
  18. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
    • Members pay a monthly preimeum
    • Recieve most or all medical services with few or no out of pocket expenses.
    • Some require a small co-payment for anoffice visit.
    • HMO members can only see physicians who are signed on with the HMO.
  19. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
    • Agree to charge the organizations less then regular fees for member usage
    • Pay a monthly fee for plan
    • Can shoose an outside provider
    • Outside providers result in higher out of pocket expense.
  20. Point Of Service (POS)
    • Can choose in or outside providers.
    • Outside providers result in higher premiums and out of pocket expenses
  21. Medical history
    COmplete and comprehensive info about your immunizations and any health problems
  22. Insurance
    A plan where private companies or government programs pay for part or all of a person's medical costs
  23. Managed care
    Emphasize preventative care and offer reduced physician charges for members
  24. Birthing center
    • Trend in health care
    • Home like setting
    • Less expensive
    • low risk pregencies only
  25. Drug treatment centers
    • Trend in health care
    • Treat people with addiction problems outside of the hospital setting
  26. Continuing care and assisted living
    • Trend in health care
    • Short and long term care for those who need help with daily tasks who don't require medical help
  27. Hospices
    • Trend in health care
    • Care for terminally ill
  28. Telemedicine
    • Trend in health care
    • Medical spcialists located far away brought into exam room through a live interactive electronic system
  29. Patient skills
    • Before going to doctor write down reasons why
    • Ask questions about any diagnoses, medications or procedures that you don't understand
    • Inform the staff of any allergies or medications you're taking.
  30. Fraud
    Deliberate deceit or tirckery
  31. Health Fraud
    A scale of worthless products or services that claims to prevent diseases or cure other health problems
  32. Malpractice
    Failure by a health professional to meet accepted standards
  33. Prevent/ lower risk of health fraud
    • Study up on facts
    • Make sure doctor is aware
    • Double check everything
  34. Fraudulent products
    • Weight-loss products
    • Beauty and antiaging products
  35. Healt consumer
    Anyone who purchases or uses health products or services
  36. Advertising
    A written or spoken media message designed to interest consumers in purchasing a product or service
  37. Consumer choices influences
    • Internal factors: Personal taste
    • External factors: Opinions of others, cost and media
  38. Hidden message advertising techniques
    • Bandwagon
    • Rich and famous
    • Free gifts
    • Great outdoors
    • Good times
  39. Bandwagon
    Group of people using product, everyone is using it you should too
  40. Rich and famous
    Displayed in a rich home or by a famous person; it will make you feel rich and famous
  41. Free gifts
    Coupons, too good a deal to pass up.
  42. Great outdoors
    Scenes of nature; associated with nature must be healthy
  43. Good times
    People smiling
  44. Comparision shopping
    Mehton of judging products my comparing several things
  45. What to compare while comparision shopping
    • Quality
    • Features
    • costs
    • warrenty
    • safety
    • Recommendations
  46. You have rights as a consumer (Before and after purchasing) they are
    • Safety
    • choice
    • To be informed
    • To be heard
    • Have problems corrected
    • Consumer education
  47. What to do if you buy a defective product
    • Keep all recipts
    • Check product warrenties
    • Request refund, exchange or product repair depending on store policy
    • Take to store you bought it from ask for mangager if there's a return problem
    • Take complaint to special consumer rights group if request is denied.
  48. Fraudulent treatments
    • Clinics specializing in "miracle" cures for ailments like arthritis to that feature a remarkable and unusual treatment
    • Ineffective and possibly dangerous.
  49. Methods for addressing consumer problems
    • Business organizations
    • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

    • COnsumer advocates
    • Local, state and federal government agencies
    • Ensure that consumer rights are protected.
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Health class notes snyder p-1 product labels through consumer problems
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