ch 10.2 inflammations and infections

  1. brochiectasis
    chronic dilation of bronchi or bronchioles as consequence of obsruction or inflammation
  2. bronchiolitis
    inflammation of bronchioles
  3. bronchitis
    inflammation of bronchial membranes
  4. bronchopneumonia
    inflammation of lungs originating in terminal bronchioles
  5. chronic respiratory disease(CRD), murine respiratory mycoplasmosis or chronic murine pneumonia
    disease of mice and rats, caused by Mycoplasma pulmonis and characterized by dyspnea, nasal discharge, head tilt and incoordination
  6. coccidiodomycosis
    several forms of respiratory fungal infection caused by Coccidiodes immitus (valley fevery, desert fever or San Joaquin Valley fever)
  7. epiglottitis, epiglottiditis
    inflammation of epiglottis
  8. exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH), bleeder
    blood found in lungs of 60% of horses after racing; less than 1% of these horses bleed from nostrils
  9. herpes virus
    family of viruses, including causative agents of infections bovine rhinotracheitis, equine viral rhinopneumonitis, feline rhinopneumonitis, canine herpes virus respiratory, infectious laryngotracheitis (birds) and Marek's disease (birds)
  10. histoplasmosis
    systemic fungal respiratory infection caused by inhaling Histoplasma capsulatum spores
  11. influenza
    acute, contagious respiratory disease transmitted by airborne viral droplet infection
  12. laryngeal hemiplegia, roaring
    unilateral paralysis of larynx causing exercise intolerance and loud stertor (snoring) at exercise in horses
  13. laryngitis
    inflammation of mucous membranes of larynx
  14. pharyngitis
    inflammation of mucous membranes of pharynx
  15. pleurisy
    inflammation of pleura
  16. pleurocarditis
    inflammation of pleura and pericardium
  17. pleuropneumonia
    pleurisy with pneumonia
  18. pneumonia
    inflammation and congestion of lung
  19. pneumopleuritis
    pleurisy with presence of air in pleural cavity
  20. psittacosis
    respiratory fungal infection of birds, zoonotic in that it can be transferred to humans through contact with infected birds (parrot fever)
  21. Q fever
    febrile rickettsial respiratory infection caused by Coxiella burneti
  22. rhinitis
    inflammation of nasal mucous membranes
  23. snuffles
    upper respiratory disease of rabbits caused by Pasteurella multocida characterized by purulent nasal and ocular discharge, which cakes insides of forepaws; sneezing and coughing seen; pneumonia common
  24. tracheitis
    inflammation of membrane lining trachea
  25. tracheobronchitis
    inflammation of membranes lining trachea and bronchi (kennel cough in dogs)
  26. tuberculosis
    infections disease of cattle caused by Mycobacterium bovis; may cause bronchopneumonia
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