Nautical Terms and Phrases

  1. Airdale
    part of the aircraft related crew
  2. Bilge
    water that has leaked into the ship and or wastewater that can accumulate in a holding tank or empty space until it is pumped out
  3. bluejacket
    enlisted sailor
  4. bow
    the front of the ship
  5. bridge
    this is the primary control position for every ship when the ship is underways, and the place where all orders and commands affecting ship. her movements and routine originate
  6. bulkhead
    a wall or other vertical surface, especially on a ship
  7. chit
    a voucher or replacement for money or services, usually used on board ship
  8. coxswain
    the helmsman of a ship (helmsman meaning a person who steers the ship) usually a swain (boy servant) was in charge of the small cockboat kept aboard for the ship's captain, which was used to row him to and from the ship. With time this has come to mean the helmsman of any boat or ship, regardless of size
  9. fathom
    a standardized nautical mile unit of measurement equaling 6 feet, usually referring to the depth of water
  10. general drill
    emergency drills usually involving the entire ship
  11. general quarters
    all hands man their battle stations on the double (at a run)
  12. hatch
  13. knot
    a unit of speed measuring one nautical mile (1.15 statue mile)
  14. meatballs
    a series of lights that airds carrier pilots when lining up for landing amber and red lights with Fresnel lenses (fresnel lenses are generally used for light houses)
  15. Nautical mile
    6076 feet ....a 796 foot difference from a standard 5280 mile
  16. port
    referring to the left side of a ship when facing the bow or the front

    has red running lights
  17. pri fly
    the primary flight controls is the control tower for the flight operations on the carrier. Here, the air boss controls takeoffs, landings, aircraft in the air near the ship and the movment of planes on the flight deck, which resembles a well choreographed ballet
  18. Running lights
    Required on all boats over 15 feet long by the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea,

    left side which is the port side has red running lights

    right side which is the starboard side has green lights
  19. rudder amidships
    orient the rudder along the long axis of the ship; straight ahead
  20. sonar
    underwater detection device using sound and echo detection
  21. starboard
    the right side of the ship if facing forward which has green lights
  22. stern
    the rear of the ship
  23. wardroom
    the officer's dining room that is also used for meetings and other functions
  24. BARGE
    small boat used to transport personnel or light cargo
    Engine room crew
    A soft stone used to scrub the floors..sailors would kneel doing this making it seems as if they were praying
    A punishment being thrown overboard under the ship to see if you come out alive.
    Maintain the present course
    Lowering or striking the ship's flag is universally recognized sign of surrender
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