ch 9.6 inflammations, infections, hemorrhages, anemias and related conditions

  1. arteritis
    inflammation of artery
  2. bacteremia
    bacteria in blood
  3. carditis
    inflammation of heart
  4. endarteritis
    inflammation of tunica intima of an artery
  5. endarteritis obliterans
    endarteritis with narrowing and closure of arterial lumen (passage space within tube)
  6. endocarditis
    inflammation of endocardium
  7. erythrocytosis
    abnormal increase in red blood cells
  8. leukocytosis
    temporary increase in number of leukocytes in blood, caused by inflammation, infection or hemorrhage
  9. lymphadenitis
    inflammation of lymph nodes
  10. lymphangitis
    inflammation of one or more lymphatic vessels
  11. myocarditis
    inflammation of heart muscle
  12. panarteritis
    inflammatory arterial disease involving all layers of arterial wall
  13. periarteritis
    inflammation of adventitia (outer layer) of artery
  14. pericarditis
    inflammation of pericardium
  15. phlebitis
    inflammation of vein, with thrombus formation, accompanied by pain and edema
  16. polyarteritis
    inglammatory condition of arterial system with many destructive lesions
  17. septicemia
    general systemic blood infection caused by presence of pathogenic microorganisms or their toxins (blood poisoning)
  18. thrombophlebitis
    inglammation of vein with clot formation
  19. epistaxis
  20. hemarthrosis
    presence of blood in a joint
  21. hematemesis
    vomiting of blood
  22. hematocele
    blood in cavity or cyst
  23. hematoma
    blood, usually clotted, accumulated in tissue, organ or space due to blood vessel wall break
  24. hematometra
    accumulation of blood in cavity of uterus
  25. hematomyelia
    bleeding into spinal cord
  26. hematopericardium
    escape of blood into pericardium (hemopericardium)
  27. hematoperitoneum
    escape of blood into peritoneum
  28. hematuria
    blood in urine
  29. hemothorax
    accumulation of blood in pleural cavity
  30. melena
    passing of tarry stools due to presence of digested blood
  31. petechial hemorrhages
    small pinpoint hemorrhages in skin or mucous membranes
  32. postpartum hemorrhage
    hemorrhage after parturition
  33. anemia
    reduction in red blood cells
  34. aplastic anemia
    anemia resulting from bone marrow disease or destruction
  35. deficiency anemia
    anemia caused by lack of necessary nutrients
  36. hemolytic anemia
    anemia resulting from erythrocyte destruction
  37. hypochromic microcytic anemia
    anemia in which erythrocytes are smaller than normal and contain abnormally low amounts of hemoglobin
  38. macrocytic anemia
    anemia in which erythrocytes are enlarged
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ch 9.6 inflammations, infections, hemorrhages, anemias and related conditions
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