ch 9.5 lymphatics

  1. cisterna chyli
    origin of thoracic duct and saclike reservoir for lymph collection
  2. hilum
    depression where vessels and nerves enter spleen
  3. lymphatic duct
    channel conducting lymph, referring chiefly to right lymphatic duct and left lymphatic or thoracic duct
  4. lymphatic glands (nodes)
    gland-like masses of lymphatic tissue varying in size from dots to bean-sized bodies, identified by their locations along course of lymphatic vessels
  5. lymphatic vessel
    channel for conveying lymph
  6. lymph follicle
    saclike collector of lymphoid substances, chiefly beneath mucous surfaces
  7. sinusoids
    sinuslike capillaries with specialized function
  8. spleen
    largest lymphoid system structure, flattened, oval-shaped, glandlike organ located in upper left side of abdominal cavity
  9. splenic pulp
    • white: sheath of lymphatic tissue that surrounds arteries of spleen
    • red: lymphatic tissue permeated with sinusoids filled with blood
  10. thoracic duct
    left lymphatic duct draining left side of body above and entire body below diaphragm
  11. thymus gland
    grayish-pink structure of lymph tissue in mediastinum that has function in immune system
  12. tonsils
    three pairs of small, round masses of lymphoid tissue
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ch 9.5 lymphatics
ch 9.5 lymphatics