ch 9.3 arteries

  1. aorta
    largest artery in body and main trunk of entire arterial system
  2. aortic arch
    the first section of the aorta, where it makes a 180-degree curve from its initial craniodorsal direction to a caudal direction
  3. arteriole
    tiny arterial branch
  4. axillary artery
    branch of subclavian artery that distributes to axilla and forelimb
  5. brachial artery
    axillary artery branch distributing to forelimb
  6. brachiocephalic (innominate) artery
    aortic arch branch distributing to head, neck and right forelimb
  7. carotid arteries
    right and left common cartids, originating from brachiocephalic artery, distributing to right and left sides of head
  8. celiac trunk artery
    branch of abdominal aorta distributing to stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen and duodenum
  9. colic artery
    distributes to colon
  10. coronary arteries
    left and right arteries distributing to left and right sides of myocardial muscle (atria and ventricles)
  11. femoral artery
    branch of external iliac artery that distributes to external genitalia, hind leg and lower abdominal wall
  12. iliac artery
    the common iliac artery and its branches distribute to the pelvis, abdominal wall, hind legs, and reproductive organs
  13. mesenteric arteries
    cradial and caudal branches of the abdominal aorta distributing respectively to lower half of colon and rectum and to small intestine and proximal half of colon
  14. nutrient artery
    any artery that supplies blood to bone marrow
  15. medullary artery
    any artery that supplies blood to bone marrow
  16. ovarian artery
    branch of abdominal aorta that distributes to ovaries, uterine tube and ureters
  17. pulmonary artery
    only arteries in body that carry nonoxygenated blood, which is delivered to lungs for oxygenation
  18. renal artery
    branch of abdominal aorta that distributes to kidneys, adrenals and ureters
  19. subclavian arteries
    two arteries distributing to neck, forelimbs, thoracic wall, spinal cord, brain and meninges
  20. testicular artery
    branch of abdominal aorta that supplies testicles and associate structures (spermatic artery)
  21. thoracic arteries
    three arteries (lateral, superior and internal) distributing respectively to pectoral muscles and mammary glands; axillary chest wall; and diaphragm, structures of mediastinum and anterior thoracic wall
  22. ulnar artery
    brachial artery branch distributing to foreleg
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