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  1. Unit 2.1 human resource planning

    Q. what is internal recuritment?
    Internal recruitment involves hiring people who already work for the firm to fill a vacant position. internal posts are usually advertised on staff notice boards, in newsletters or via staff emails.
  2. Unit 2.1 human resource planning

    State advantage and disadvantage of internal recuritment
    • Advantages include:
    • - cost effective
    • - less risk
    • -motivational

    • disadvantages include:
    • - time consuming
    • -internal politics (conflict)
    • -dead wood (no new ideas)
  3. Unit 2.1 human resource planning

    Define external recuritment
    • external recuritment is the process of hiring employees from outside the business. The methods of external recuritment include:
    • - newpaper advertising
    • -job centres
    • -specialist trade publications
    • -job centres
    • -internet advertising
    • -headhunting
    • - commercial employment agencies
    • - deirect contact
  4. Unit 2.1 human resource planning

    Advantage and disadvantage of external recruitment
    • Advantages:
    • - new ideas
    • -wider range of experience
    • -larger pool of applicants

    • Disadvantges:
    • -time consuming
    • -expensive
    • -greater degree of uncertainty
  5. Unit 2.1 human resource planning

    Define appraisal and state reasons for appraisal
    An appraisal is the formal assessment of an employee's performance in fulfilling his or her job based on the tasks and responsibility set out in their description.
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