1. semantics
    the meaning of words
  2. idiom
    • an expression/phrase/word with a figurative meaning
    • to kick the bucket
    • new york minute
  3. collocation
    • two or more words that naturally go together
    • fast food
    • fast train
    • quick shower
    • quick meal
    • losing battle
    • foot the bill
    • soften the blow
  4. denotative meaning
    • dictionary meaning
    • snake: an animal
  5. connotative meaning
    • associated meaning
    • snake: sly, cunning
  6. synonym
    • words of the same meaning
    • large = big
  7. antonym `
    • words of the opposite meaning
    • small X large
  8. metaphore
    • literary figure of speech that uses image to convey the meaning
    • her eyes were glistening jewels
  9. simile
    • comparisoin of 2 things with 'as', 'like', 'than' to convey the meaning
    • he swims like a dolphin
    • he swims as fast as a dolphin
    • allows the reader to paint a vivid picture in their mind which conveys the meaning better than without the simile
  10. personification
    • giving non animated objects animated features
    • the sun smiles brightly
  11. irony
    the use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning
  12. homonym
    • a group of words that share the sames spelling and pronounciation but have different meanings
    • right and left
    • right and wrong
  13. homphone
    • words tha share the same sound but have different meaning and spelling
    • cite, site, sight
    • sea, see
    • your, you're
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