1. Explain variance hours.
    If a job in your CAT2 takes longer than the hours given for the job than you will have to input variance hours. This time is tracked for improvement reasons for the planning and scheduling aspects for all of the various jobs.
  2. Pull up and print long text for PM Task List.
    Pull up Notification, CLAIR, or PM. Hit the arrow next to the text box. Print screen.
  3. Search for history.
    Pull up
  4. Describe PM Compliance
    Critical PM's should be done first and that is determined by the ABC on the RAM. There are dates by which all PM's must be completed. If it is not completed there must be a process in place to perform the PM in a timely manner.
  5. Explain the purpose of the Risk Assessment Matrix
    It standardises qualitative risk assessment and allows a general categorisation of risk to people, assets, environment and reputation. It is based on the concept of applying experience of events or incidents in the past to predict risks in the future. Drives last allowable finish date for when things/repairs can be done. RAM drives the last allowable finish date in SAP.
  6. Navigate to Fountain
    Site where incidents are recorded. FA First aid, LTI lost time incident, NM near miss.
  7. Describe your locations Asset Integrity Scorecard
    The Asset Integrity Scorecard is located in Livelink under ??????????????????? Deals with Preventative maint vs Corrective main, Use of contractors, outstanding audits (how many are overdue) OPS0100 is the scorecard that is reviewed monthly.
  8. Outlook Express - Change the view in the inbox.
    Open Outlook. Click: Organize, Using Views. Double click the view that you would like the click Organize to close header menu.
  9. Outlook Express - Explain what the Rule Wizard is for.
    By using a rule created with the Rules Wizard, you can have Microsoft Outlook automate processes such as: Assign categories to messages based on the contents of the messages, Set up a notification, such as a message or a sound, when important messages arrive, Move messages to a particular folder based on who sent them. Delete messages in a conversation, Flag messages from a particular person, Assign categories to your sent messages based on the contents of the messages, Delay delivery of messages by a specified amount of time, Redirect a message to a person or distribution list, Ask the server to automatically reply to a certain type of message by using a message you've created, Start an application.
  10. Demonstrate navigation in Shell Web.
    Home Page, A-Z, Livelink, etc.
  11. Demonstrate navigation in Network Drives
    Action Projects
  12. Demonstrate use of Shell Open University, i.e. sign up for training class.
    Took place of TRNDB. Shows availabe class times and schedules for any training that you require. Get with management to update your profile on SOU when you arrive at your permanent location.
  13. Describe your personnel development plan (PDP).
    Path to achieve ultimate goal. Closing gaps and moving forward.
  14. Explain what Open Resources is used for
    Where assets post vacancies for employees to look at. Allows employees to post for jobs on other platforms/projects.
  15. What is the resume feature used for in Open Resources
    Allows you to show your experience when you post for a job. Show differences from other peers. A Shell site where jobs are posted for people to apply.
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