1. When a company lets current employees know about job openings in the firm on a dedicated web page on its Intranet, it is using a(n):
    job posting system.
  2. When Asif recommends his friend Lorna for a position at his company, which recruiting source has been used?
    Employee referral
  3. Internet data mining is used most often to identify:
    passive job seekers.
  4. Which of the following is NOT true about employee referrals?
    Employee referrals are expensive
  5. Watching people working in similar jobs for other companies to evaluate their potential fit with your positions and organization is an example of which sourcing technique?
  6. Staffing goals of speed and low cost are likely to result in a sourcing plan that prioritizes newspaper ads and employee referrals over search firms and college hires.
  7. Integration refers to the need to acknowledge and respect the diversity of local country cultures and expectations and thus giving some latitude to local managers to tailor the strategy to meet the needs of their location.
  8. Selection ratios can be tracked using recruiting yield analyses.
  9. "Nontraditional" applicants are those who differ from typical hires in terms of their educational background or previous employment.
  10. Trade fairs are best for finding active job seekers.
  11. Describe the role of sourcing in the staffing process.
    Sourcing identifies and locates the high potential talent that will later be recruited. Sourcing influences factors including the quality and quantity of hires and the firm's return on its staffing investment.
  12. The workforce planning process starts with:
    the firm's business strategy.
  13. Which of the following CANNOT be used to forecast future business activity?
    employee surveys
  14. Which of the following is NOT true about transition analysis?
    All of a person's promotions during the period are tracked.
  15. Business process outsourcing is:
    the relocation of an entire business function to an independent service provider.
  16. Increasing applicant pool quality:
    lessens the burden placed on the firm's candidate assessment systems.
  17. Talent inventories are used to forecast retirement rates.
  18. The best time interval for calculating the transition probabilities for a transition analysis is three to five years.
  19. A hiring yield is the percent of applicants ultimately hired.
  20. It is best to recruit as many applicants for a job as possible.
  21. orkforce planning is easier in stable firms as opposed to firms facing rapidly changing conditions.
  22. Describe what is meant by top-down and bottom-up judgmental forecasting.
    • Judgmental forecasting can be top-down, in which case organizational leaders rely on their experience and knowledge of their industry and company to make predictions about what future staffing levels will need to be. Top managers' estimates then become staffing goals for the lower levels in the organization. In some cases, particularly when companies are facing financial difficulties or restructuring, budgets may determine these headcount numbers.
    • Bottom-up judgmental forecasting uses the input of lower-level managers in estimating staffing requirements. Based on supervisors' understanding of the business strategy each level provides an estimate of their staffing needs to execute the strategy. The estimates are consolidated and modified as they move up the organization's hierarchy until top management formalizes the company's estimate of its future staffing needs into staffing goals.
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