Ch. 8 Neuro Terms

  1. gustation
    sense of taste
  2. olfaction
    the sense of smell
  3. chemoreceptor
    any sensory receptor selective for chemicals
  4. papilla
    a small protuberance on the surface of the tongue that contains taste buds
  5. taste bud
    a cluster of cells, including taste receptor cells, in papillae of the tongue
  6. taste receptor cell
    a modified epithelial cell that transduces taste stimuli
  7. receptor potential
    a stimulus-induced change in the membrane potential on a sensory receptor
  8. transduction
    the transformation of sensory stimulus energy into a cellular signal, such as a receptor potential
  9. gustatory nucleus
    a nucleus in the brain stem that receives primary taste input
  10. ventral posterior medial (VPM) nucleus
    the part of the ventral posterior nucleus of the thalamus that receives somatosensory input from the face, including afferents from the tongue
  11. primary gustatory cortex
    the area of neocortex that receives taste info from the ventroposterior medial nucleus
  12. population coding
    the representation of sensory, motor, cognitive info by activity distributed over a large number of neurons. Ex: color; it's encoded by the relative activity of the types of retinal cones
  13. pheromone
    olfactory stimulus used for chemical communication between individuals
  14. olfactory epithelium
    a sheet of cells lining part of the nasal passages that contains olfactory receptor neurons
  15. olfactory bulb
    a bulb shaped brain structure derived from the telencephalon that receives input from olfactory receptor neurons
  16. glomerulus
    a cluster of neurons in the olfactory bulb that receives input from olfactory receptor neurons
  17. olfactory cortex
    the region of the cerebral cortex connected to the olfactory bulb and seperated from the neocortex by the rhinal fissure
  18. sensory map
    a representation of sensory info within a neural structure that preserves the spatial organization of that info established on the sensory organ. ex: retinotopic maps in the superior colliculus, lateral geniculate nucleus, and visual cortex, where neurons in specific places respond selectively to stimulation of specific parts of the retina
  19. temporal coding
    the representation of info by the timing of action pontentials rather than by their average rate
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