Important frases on Frida

  1. Frida was born in Coyacon, Mexico
    Frida nacio en Coyacan, Mexico
  2. Frida had three sisters. Cristina was her favorite
    Frida tenia tres hermanas. Cristina era su favorita
  3. Frida was very close to her father, but she and her mother clashed
    Frida era muy cercana a su padre, pero ella y su madre chocaban
  4. Frida contracted polio when she was six years old and it affected her left leg.
    Frida contrajo polio cuando tenia seis anos y le afecto la pierna derecha
  5. Frida was a young woman with lots of energy and a bright future. She wanted to be a doctor.
    Frida era una joven con mucha energia y un futuro brillante. Queria ser doctora.
  6. However, her path changed. She had an accident when she was sixteen.
    Sin embargo, su rumbo cambio. Tuvo un accidente terrible cuando tenia 16 anos.
  7. She was traveling on a bus when it crashed with a trolley. She was left with many injuries and breaks.
    Viajaba en un autobus cuando choco con una tranvia. Quedo con muchas heridas y roturas.
  8. This accident became the source of her physical pain
    Este accidente se convertio en el manantial de su dolor fisico.
  9. Due to the accident, Frida could not have babies throughout her life.
    Debido al accidente, Frida no pudo tener bebes a lo largo de su vida.
  10. She has many miscarriages which plunged her into a depression.
    Tuvo muchos abortos los cuales la sumieron en un depression
  11. During her recovary, Frida began to paint. She painted in order to vent and explain the pain that she felt.
    Durante su convalencia, Frida comenzo a pintar. Pintaba para deshogarse y explicar el dolor que se sentia
  12. Frida had a second accident, Diego Rivera. The fell in love, married, and divorced when she found out that he had an affair with her sister.
    Frida tuvo un segundo accidente, Diego. Se enamoraron, se casaron, y se divorciaron cuando se entero que el tuvo un amorio con su hermana.
  13. Frida’s paintings were her way to express her loneliness, sadness and depression. She felt some happiness when she painted.
    Las pinturas de Frida eran su manera de expresar su soledad, su tristeza, y depression. Se sentia un poco felicidad cuando pintaba.
  14. Frida had many surgeries throughout her life
    Frida tuvo muchas cirguias a lo largo de su vida.
  15. Frida was an amazing woman. She lived, suffered and loved.
    Frida era una mujer increíble. Ella vivió, sufrió y amó.
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