Ch 7 Adult Lang Impairments

  1. Alexia
    An acquired reading disorder, found in some types of sensory aphasia. Difficulty recognizing written words
  2. Anomia
    The inability to find a particular word (word finding problem)
  3. Aphasia
    Impaired ability to produce and/or comprehend language due to localized brain damage.
  4. Agnosia
    sensory defect in people w severe global aphasia. Difficulty understanding auditory and/or visual
  5. Agraphia
    writing difficulty accompanying some aphasia (spelling mistakes & poorly formed letters)
  6. Aneurysm
    hemorrhagic stroke from the rupture of sac like bulging in weakened artery wall
  7. Agrammatism
    Expressive aphasia, "telegraphic speech". endings are often omitted from words
  8. Anomic Aphasia
    fluent aphasia "naming difficulty"
  9. Arteriovenous malformation
    poorly formed triangle of arteries and veins that result in a rare type of stroke where artery walls weaken and give way
  10. A Cerebrovascular Accident
    "A Stroke" Brain cell death caused by lack of oxygen to blood supply. (most common cause of aphasia)
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