Vitamins Test Review

  1. 2 forms of Niacin that come from plant sources?
    Niacin & Nicotinicacid
  2. What is plant source of Vitamin B6?
  3. Cobalamin is another name for what vitamin?
    Vitamin B12
  4. What Vitamin is involved in conversion of tryptophan to niacin?
  5. What is the most unstable of all known Vitamins?
    Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid
  6. What is the least stored of all known Vitamins?
  7. What is the most stable of all Vitamins?
  8. What Vitamin is stored extensively in the muscle tissue?
  9. What is the most toxic of all known Vitamins?
    Vitamin D
  10. What 3 things increases the requirement for Vitamin C?
    Alcohol, Smoking and Stress
  11. What form of Vitamin D can be metabolized in the kidney?
  12. What form of Vitamin D can be metabolized in the liver?
  13. What are the 2 chemical names for Vitamin D?
    Ergocalciferol & Cholecalciferol
  14. What 2 Vitamins are "yellow" in color?
    Riboflavin & Folic Acid

    flavin is latin for yellow
  15. What Vitamin is red in color?
  16. What is the chemical name for Vitamin E?
  17. What are the 4 forms of Vitamin E?
    Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta
  18. What is the precursor of Vitamin A?
    Beta Carotene
  19. What is the synthetic form of Vitamin K/
  20. What is the most toxic form of Vitamin K?
  21. What is the precurser for Vitamin D?
    the body's own cholesterol
  22. Ascoric acid is another name for Vitamin_____?
    Vitamin C
  23. Most important function of Vitamin B12?
    Assists folate in cell division
  24. Most important function of Vitamin B6?
    converting tryptophan to niacin
  25. Most important function of Vitamin E?
    antioxidant---protects Vitamin A & PUFA from oxidation
  26. Most important function of Vitamin D?
    make calcium & phosphorus available in blood
  27. What two vitamins are synthesized in the intestine by bacteria?
    Vitamin K & Biotin
  28. The need for Vitamin______rises as PUFA intake rises
    Vitamin E
  29. What are the fat soluble vitamins?
    A E B K
  30. Functions of Vitamin A?
    • maintaining healthy eye tissue, necessary for good vision
    • fighting infection
    • health of mucus membranes
    • maintaing healthy epithelial cells
  31. What is the active form of Vitamin A?
  32. Why is it important for us to obtain vitamins from foods instead of supplements?
    reduces risk of toxicity, deficiency, and to obtain other nutrients
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