Gram Negative Cocci

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  1. Neisseria gonorrhoea
    General Info
    • Nonmotile
    • Catalase +
    • Oxidase +
    • Ferment glucose
    • Carried in nasopharynx, anus, genital tract
  2. Lab Identification of N. gonorrhoea
    • -Gram stain of pus (urethral discharge)- 95-100% effective
    • -Gram stain cervical sample- 50-60% effective
  3. Selective & Non-Selective Media for N. gonorrhoea
    • Selective: Thayer-Martin agar
    • Non-Selective: chocolate agar

    Incubation time of 36-48 hours in 5% carbon dioxide
  4. Disease of N. gonorrhoea
    • Inflammation of genital organs
    • Males: primary concern is urethritis
    • Females: Often asymptomatic, but have complications later: pelvic inflammatory disease, felopian tube scarring, may have trouble having kids
    • Can spread to bloodstream: dermatitis or arthritis
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