Vitamin C

  1. Another name for Vitamin C?
    ascorbic acid
  2. Functions of Vitamin C?
    • wound healing
    • antioxidant
    • metabolism of tyrosine & tryptophan
    • converts ferric to ferrous for absorption
    • converts folic acid to floinic acid for absorption
    • prevents infection & collagen formation
  3. Deficiency of Vitamin C?
    • bleeding gums
    • poor healing of wounds (faulty collagen formation)
    • anemia
    • microcytic (small cell)
    • bruising
  4. Vitamin C disease?
  5. Vitamin C sources?
    • acerola cherry (highest source of vitamin C in ALL fruit)
    • citrus fruits
    • oranges, lemons, limes, dark green vegetables, cantaloupe, strawberries, green peppers, tomatoes
  6. Characteristics of Vitamin C?
    • water soluble
    • most unstable vitamin
    • alcohol
    • smoking
    • stress increases your need for vitamin C( effects absorption of vitamin C)
    • when eaten with iron containing foods, absorption of iron can double or triple; therefore cause iron overload
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