Government Vocab.

  1. Aquit
    Found not guilty of charges.
  2. Administrative Remedies
    Non-legal solutions to legal problems
  3. Alegation
    Unproven charges.
  4. Appeal
    Taking case to higher authority for review.
  5. Appellent
    Person bringing appeal.
  6. Brief
    The written arguments in a case.
  7. Codes
    Laws written by a legislative body.
  8. Contract
    Agreement between two parties in which there is an offer and acceptance.
  9. Cross examination/ Direct examination
    Questioning of hostile/friendly witness.
  10. Deposition
    Sworn statment of fact or belief.
  11. Defendant
    Answering charges in criminal or civil court.
  12. Discovery
    The proccess of learning evidence in a case.
  13. Due process (Procedural)
    The rules that must be followed from the moment a person becomes a suspect, through his/her arrest, trial, verdict, and appeal.
  14. Due process (Substantive)
    To determine if the rule is fundamentaly fair and just.
  15. Jurisdiction
    The authority or power to act.
  16. Jurisdiction (Appelate)
    Reviewing cases heard by other courts to determine if an error occured.
  17. Jurisdiction (limited)
    Authority over only specificly listed cases
  18. Jurisdiction (Original)
    The court that first hears the case.
  19. Grand jury
    Examination of the evidence to determine if there is sufficient proof that a person may be charged.
  20. Petit jury
    Trial jury: 6 in a misdemeanor, or 12 in a felony
  21. Moot
    A legal issue that no longer exists
  22. Nexus
    Connection. Must be connection between person and negligent act.
  23. Plaintiff
    Person bringing charges in a civil case.
  24. Precedent
    Past practice. Similar cases should be decided in a similar way.
  25. Preemtory challenge
    Process of cutting the jury pool down to the people that will actualy be in the jury in a case.
  26. Prosecution
    Person bringing charges in a criminal case.
  27. Respondent
    Person answering an appeal.
  28. Subpoena
    An order to appear.
  29. Tort
    A civil wrong other that breach of contract.
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