AP Government Government in America chap 4 terms and cases

  1. prior restraint
    censoring press before publication
  2. Barron v Baltimore
    Bill O rights applies only to federal government
  3. Gitlow vs New York
    reverses Barron Case, bill o rights applies to all levals of government by the incorporation doctrine, using the 14th ammendment
  4. Lemon v. Kurtzman
    Set up standards for aid to perocial schools. it can't be used to encorage religion. it can't advirtize etc.
  5. Zelman v. Simmons Harris
    Vouchers for kids to go to perocial schools by paying tuition. (for poor)
  6. Englel v. Vitale
    No forced prayer
  7. School Disctrict of Abingoton Township, penn. v Schempp
    No required bible readings
  8. 14th ammendment
    garrentees equal protection of the laws, deals with due proccess clause
  9. due process clause
    people can't be deprived of life liberty etc. without du procces of the law. (leads to gitlow vs new york)
  10. incorporation doctrine
    nationalized bill o rights through 14th ammendment
  11. establishment class
    congress shall make no law respecting an estblashment of religion
  12. free exercise clause
    government can't interfear with the practice of religion
  13. Schenck v US
    can withhold speech if there is a clear and present danger
  14. Zurcher v. Sanford Daily
    you can use a search warrent on the press
  15. roth v Us
    obsenity is not protected
  16. Miller v California
    defines obsenity lets countys decied what's offensive
  17. libil/slander
    fals malicious statements that damage reputaion. libil writen. slander spoken
  18. New York times v Sulliven
    libil has to have malicious intent, not just false
  19. Miami hearal Publishing company. v tornillo
    papers don't have to print replies from candidates it had critisiezed
  20. Red lion broadcasting v fCC
    allowed restricitons on broadcast media. tighter than print media
  21. probably cause
    police have reason to belive that the person shoudl be arrested
  22. exculsionary rule
    illigally seized stuff cant' be used in court Mapp v Ohio
  23. Mapp v Ohio
    established excusisonary rule
  24. fifth amendmetn
    no double jepordy, or self incrimination
  25. 6th ammendment
    sppeddy trial
  26. plea barganing
    rmember, most used, plead guilty to lesser charge
  27. eith ammemdment
    cruel and unusal punishment
  28. Gregg v georgia
    overturned Fuman v georgia making death penalty legal
  29. MecCleskey v Kemp
    death penalty is legal, no evidense that jurries are biased despite the stats
  30. row v wade
    allowed abortion
  31. planned parenthood v casey
    allowed restriciotns on aboriton. from stirct scrutiniy to undue burden
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AP Government Government in America chap 4 terms and cases
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