PMAP 4301 After Midterm Lectures

  1. What is strategic planning?
    A systematic process for gathering information about thelong-tem direction and translating that direction into specific goals, objecties, and actions.
  2. What are some criticisms about startegic planning?
    • Strategic planning is action-oriented and is ONLY useful if it is carefully linked to IMPLEMENTATION.
    • Implementation requires accepting the viewpoint of others
    • Given the general thrust of strategic planing to change the status quo, the proposed changes ARE NOT going to suit everyone.
  3. What does strategic planning encompass?
    • It embraces all managerial decisions and actions that determine long-run performance
    • Thus, it requires an assessment of organizational capacities in such areas as managerial capability, power structure, culture, leadership, and organizational structure.
  4. What is the overall purpose of startegic planning?
    To develop a continuing commitment to the mission and vision of the organization, nuture a culture that identifies and supports both the mission and vision, and maintain a clear focus on the organization's clear agenda throughout all its decision processes and activities
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PMAP 4301 After Midterm Lectures
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