1. What unpopular action did FDR use to keep the New Deal?
    The unpopular action FDR used was the "Court-Packing" Plan.
  2. Who were the popular radio comedians who had a variety show with Gracie Allen?
    The popular radio comedians were George Burns and Jack Benny.
  3. Who were the painters that showed ordinary people confronting hardships of the Depression?
    The painters were Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton.
  4. Who was the Black Cabinet man who worked for the State Department?
    The man who worked for the State Department was Ralph Bunche.
  5. What disaster was reversed by government spending money on public works?
    The disaster that was reversed was Roosevelt's Recession.
  6. Who were FDR's eyes and ears?
    FDR's eyes and ears was Eleanor Roosevelt.
  7. Who said this....
    "The country needs and... demands bold persistent experimentation"
    FDR said this.
  8. What were FDR's informal radio talks to the nation called?
    These informal radio talks were called fireside chats.
  9. Who was John Collier?
    John Collier was the new head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He introduced a set of reforms known as the Indian New Deal and pushed Congress to pass the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.
  10. What is the TVA?
    The TVA was the Tennesse Valley Authority that begun in 1933. The TVA built dams to provide cheap electric power to seven Southern states and also set up schools and health centers.
  11. What is the Hundred Days?
    The Hundred Days was the time period that Roosevelt launched his 15 programs.
  12. What was the Social Security Act?
    The Social Security Act was a tax that workers and employers would pay and when retired these workers and employers would get back this money.
  13. How did the Great Depression challenge women?
    The Great Depression challenged women because men thought women should be fired and their jobs should be given to the men. Also, even though they provided money by working they still had to do household chores too.
  14. What was the intent of the Social Sercurity Act?
    The intent of the Social Sercurity Act was so that after people had retired they would get money back to provide for themself.
  15. What were some of the problems of the Great Depression?
    Some of the problems of the Great Depression was "Black Thursday", when the stock market crashed. Defaulting, when farmers refused to meet loans. The unbalanced economy and the growing gap in wealth between rich people and most Americans. Lastly, the joblessness and poverty, in 1932 25 percent of American workers wre out of work.
  16. What were relief projects?
    Relief projects were projects made by the government to creat new jobs and help out the country.
  17. What is "Black Thursday?"
    "Black Thursday" is the day the stock market crashed, October 24, 1929 was the day of "Black Thursday."
  18. What is stock exchange?
    Stock exchange is an organized system for buying and selling shares in corporations.
  19. How many shares did panicked sellers sell on "Black Thursday?"
    Panicked sellers sold almost 13 million shares on "Black Thursday."
  20. In September of 1929 stock prices began to fall and declined steadily until what date?
    Stock prices declined steadily until October 21.
  21. When did FDR say "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself?"
    FDR said this on march 4, 1922 on his inauguration.
  22. What was the political philosophy that advocates government by dictarship caught the attention of Americans during the Great Depression?
    The political philosophy was fascists.
  23. What were some of the opposing forces of the New Deal?
    Some of the opposing forces were Alfred M. Landon, Charles Coughlin, Huey Long, Supreme Court, Congress, Business Leaders, and the Democratic Party.
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