WW Lesson 6

  1. addict
    • 1. A person with a very strong desire for something that is habit-forming and sometimes harmful.
    • Junk food addicts need to change their eating habits.

    2. A person who is a very enthusiastic fan.
  2. aspire
    To have a strong desire to get or do something; to seek.

    Every NFL team aspires to win the Super Bowl.
  3. Bias
    • 1. A preference that prevents one from being impartial; prejudice.
    • The lawyers in town insist that Judge Lewis shows bias in favor of women.

    • 2.To cause someone to have prejudice; to influence.
    • Don’t let a single bad experience with one French restaurant bias you against all others.
  4. blatant
    • Very obvious in an offensive or shameless way.
    • The governor’s promise to cut taxes if re-elected was a blatant attempt to win votes.
  5. candid
    • Expressed honestly and without holding back unpleasant truths.
    • Tony asked the teacher for her candid opinion about his poem.
  6. confront
    1.To stand up to; to face boldly.

    Do you intend to confront the people who have been spreading rumors about you?

    • 2.To put or bring face to face
    • When the police confronted the pair with the evidence, they confessed to the robbery.
  7. debut
    • 1. A first public appearance.
    • Radio broadcasting made its debut in 1920.

    2.To make a first public appearance.

    The new television shows debut in September.

  8. enroll
    • To sign up to become a member of some group or activity; to register.
    • A small inheritance made it possible for me to enroll in art school.
  9. Fluster
    • To make nervous, embarrassed, or confused.
    • The personal question flustered me, so I was unable to think of an answer quickly.
  10. impunity
    • Freedom from being harmed or punished.
    • Those who think they can smoke cigarettes with impunity are sadly mistaken.
  11. Intensify
    To increase; to strengthen or deepen.

    Volunteers will intensify their efforts to find the missing children.
  12. intimidate
    • To frighten, especially by threatening someone.
    • The pitcher’s scowl was intended to intimidate the batter.
  13. Obnoxious
    • Very unpleasant; disgusting.
    • An obnoxious diner at the next table ruined our meal by complaining in a very loud voice.
  14. retort
    • 1.To answer, especially in a quick or clever way.
    • “You have much to be modest about,” I retorted when the speaker claimed to be a modest person.

    • 2.A quick or clever reply.
    • Unable to think of a suitable retort, I remained silent.
  15. stint
    • 1. A period of time devoted to a job or some task.
    • After finishing college, Marsha had a two-year stint in the Peace Corps in Kenya.

    • 2. A limit or restriction.
    • Local benefactors gave without stint to help make the youth center a reality.

    • 3. To limit or restrict.
    • Many parents stint on luxuries to pay for their children’s education.
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