physiology drugs

  1. Omeprazole
    inhibits gastric H+ ATPase from transporting H into lumen of SI; ulcer Rx
  2. tetrodotoxin
    block VG Na channels and prevent AP
  3. lidocaine
    block VG Na channels and prevent AP
  4. TEA
    blocks VG K channels, outward K current and repolarization
  5. Nifedipine
    Ca channel blocker
  6. Verapamil
    Ca channel blocker
  7. Botulinis toxin
    blocks Ach release from pre-synaptic terminal; paralysis of skeletal m and death from respiratory failure (diaphragm muscle)
  8. Curare
    competes w/ Ach for nicotinic receptor; decreases size of EPP, can cause death in maximal doses
  9. D-Tubocurarine
    causes relaxation of skeletal muscle in anesthesia
  10. alpha-bungarotoxin
    binds irreversibly to Ach receptors
  11. neostigmine
    prevents degradation of Ach and prolongs action of Ach at motor end plate; AchE inhibitor
  12. hemicholinium
    blocks choline reuptake and decreases Ach synthesis; skeletal muscle weakness
  13. dystrophin
    actin binding protein to cytoskeleton/cell membrane
  14. titin
    assoc w/ thick filaments; from M lines to Z disks; changes when sarcomere length changes
  15. nebulin
    assoc w/ think filaments, sets length of thin filaments during assembly
  16. alpha actinin
    anchors thin filament to Z disk
  17. calsequestrin
    binds Ca in sarcoplasmic reticulum to decrease work required of SERCA
  18. inderol
    blocks beta adrenergic receptors; decreases sympathetic responses (like anxiety)
  19. angiotensin
    causes blood vessel constriction and increased BP
  20. vasopressin
    increases peripheral resistance and BP
  21. viagra
    inhib cGMP phosphodiesterase so more cGMP to increase blood flow to penis (normally NO binds to GC receptor to activate them and make cGMP)
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