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  1. What are the telltale signs of addiction?
    1) undeniable cravings
    2) compulsive thoughts
    3) uncontrollable urges
    4) withdrawal symptoms
    4) Withdrawal symptoms
  2. All of the following are symptoms of anorexia except:
    1) fear of weight gain
    2) disturbed body perception
    3) lack of menstruation
    4) suicidal thoughts
    4) suicidal thoughts
  3. Exercise does all of the following except:

    B) make arthritis and osteoporosis more likely
  4. Todays "emerging adults" are the generation referred to as:
    a) late baby boomers
    b) baby boomers
    c) gen x
    d) gen y

    d) Gen y

  5. Which are the three leading causes of death among people aged 15-25?

    A) accidents, homicide, suicide
  6. Which of the following is an eating disorder that is more common in middle adulthood than in early adulthood?

    B) obesity
  7. A _____student at a _____is the most likely to cheat.

    D) full time university
  8. Carol Gilligan belives that moral decision for women are based on priorities of ________ and that moral decisions for men are based on _______.

    D) human needs and relationships; distinguishing right from wrong.
  9. The third stage of dialectical thinking is referred to as:

    B) synthesis
  10. The third stage of the development of faith exhibits:

    D) a conformist acceptance of cultural values.
  11. Thinking in adulthood is distinguished from earlier thinking in that it is

    A) more practical, flexible and dialectical
  12. To predict, plan, and combine objective and subjective mental processes is the cognitive ability to be _______, while the ability to see multiple solutions to a problem is the cognitive ability to be _____.

    A) practical; flexible
  13. The ______ approach studies how the brain encodes, stores, and retrieves information and the _______approach evaluates whether a new level of cognition is reached by adults.

    A) information-processing; stage
  14. According to Erikson's theory, the crisis that follow identity achievement is called;

    A) intimacy versus isolation
  15. Friends are crucial during emerging adulthood because they:

    B) provide a source of advice, companionship, information and sympathy
  16. Generally, men talk about _______, while women talk about ______.

    A) external matters; intimate and emotional matters
  17. In their marriage, Betty and Jim have intimacy and commitment, so they would best represent Sternberg's ______form of love.

    C) companionate
  18. The love aspect of passion:
    a) usually lasts throughout a love relationship.
    b) may fade with familiarity
    c) always diminishes and turns into intimacy
    d) grows gradually through intimate planning

    b) may fade with familiarity

  19. _______is when a married couple has similar attitudes, interests, goals, and religious backgrounds.

    A) homogamy
  20. Research indicates that couples who cohabitate are:

    A) less happy than married people.
  21. A sudden drop in sex hormones in a woman's bloodstream along with cessation of ovulation and menstruation signals;

    B) menopause
  22. All smoking diseases are:

    B) dose and duration sensitive
  23. By the end of middle age, nearly everyone needs:

    A) reading glasses
  24. Hoprmone replacement therapy involves taking;
    a) calcium supplemtns
    b) estrogen and progesterone
    c) long baths to alleviate the stress of menopause
    d) testosterone

    b) estrogen and progesterone

  25. Often the first sign of hearing loss in middle adulthood is:

    B) the failure to hear a distant telephone or doorbell
  26. Research studies on alcohol use have shown that:

    B) moderate use of alcohol may increase longevity
  27. Analytic intelligence involves;

    A) abstract planning, focused attention, and verbal and logical skills
  28. Compared to novices, experts:

    C) are more intuitive
  29. Creative interlligence requires _______ thinking.

    D) divergent
  30. Fluid intelligence includes

    A) the speed of processing mathematical information
  31. The Flynn effect is probably due to changes in:

    D) all of the above
  32. The term g refers to

    C) general intelligence
  33. In the United States today, the social clock:

    D) allows for greater diversity than in the past
  34. Most developmental theorists today believe that:

    D) stages of adult development are not entirely orderly and predictable
  35. The midlife crisis might more accurately be described as:

    B) developmental history
  36. Chris is high in extroversion and therefore will probably:

    D) prefer to work with people and have a busy social life
  37. According to Erikson, after the stage of intimacy versus isolation comes:

    D) generativity versus stagnation
  38. Compared to a few decades ago, the social clock is:

    D) slowing down due to variations in age of marriage, parenthood and leaving home
  39. In a typical family, the Kinkeeper is most likely to be:

    A) a middle aged mother
  40. Openness is viewed as a particularly positive personality trait in

    C) united states
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