1. "Humanity is limited in the goals that me be pursued through the states or other organizations they create, limited specifically by people's willingness to use force and coercion to gain objectives, thereby necessitating prudent defensive preparations and pursuing enough resources to maintain a strong defense."
  2. "There are distributions of wealth, education, skill, and health that divide humanity into groups some of which are far more empowered than other to do as they wish. Yet such attributes are very much a function of the technology used to produce wealth, education, skill and health, hence it is technology that is the primary decider of 'who gets what, when, how."
  3. "Power is certainly important for defense, but it is the capacity of societies to organize themsleves to best defend the rights and privileges of individulas that in the long run will be able to sustain strong military defense, hence minimizing gov. control of 'who gets what, when, how,' and maximizing individual rights consistent w/ liberty and common defense."
  4. Truman started the movement of Amer. troops to South Korea before the UNSC vote, but they were not used to attack N. Korea until UNSC authorized "police action"
  5. General MacArthur withdrew form North Korea to avoid violent conflict with PRC.
  6. China saw US as a "paper tiger" - easily defeated
  7. MacArthur saw China's mmilitary as a well disciplined, confident fighting force to be avoided.
  8. The US won the Korean War.
    • FALSE.
    • no one did..
  9. Most Amer. presidents involved in Vietnam War focused on assessing military strategy in vietname without considering the Cold War to be a greater problem.
  10. Paris Peace talks (1973) = Geneva Accords (1954)
    "progress is regress"
  11. combo of massive bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong, growing detente between USSR and U.S. brought major powers back to Paris to draw up the CEASEFIRE declared in January 1973
  12. After ceasfire declared in 1973, commies fight head to head in southeast asia.
    • China backs Cambodia
    • USSR back Vietnam
  13. McGeorge Bundy and Robert McNamara both supported American military escalation in Vietnam.
    they later admitted that their support was wrong.
  14. 20,000,000 craters
    20-50 ft wide
    5-20ft deep
    made by 7 million tons of U.S. bombs dropped in Vietnam.
  15. 10% to give Vietnamese a btter way of life
    20% to keep Vietnam from China
    70% to avoid humiliating US defeat
  16. what image does the Vietnam War most closely correspond with ?

    (sa palagay ni Stoessenger)
  17. apply Richardson model + Prisoner Dilemma to explain US and USSR military support for N/S Vietnam
    Richardson's model implies something similar to a prisoner's dilemma between the US and USSR.
  18. English School
    • Anarchal Society:
    • relations conditioned by consent to common rules and inst.
  19. rationalist
    • International Society:
    • treaties and rule based inst.
  20. revolutionist
    • World Society:
    • universalnorms, broad moral acceptance
  21. English School began in
  22. at first, the English School osught to deveop a theory to comprehend, explain, and guide the study of IR and form foreign policy, but that didnt last long.
  23. Tito kept Yugoslovia internally peaceful by appealing to Yugoslovian nationalism, rather than to communist ideaology or personal loyalty to him.
  24. USA was not down to got to war against Milosevic in 1994, but retired U.S. militry taught strategy and war tactics to Croatians, while Iran sent arms to Bosnians.
    Croatian-Bosnian allies defeat Serbs in Bosnia (1995)

    Serbs surrender/ flee
  25. Clinton Admin. thought war against Milosevic had to go onuntil all Bosnian Serbs were wiped clean, since they were they cause of 'ethnic cleansing'
  26. three (3) criteria to be met before USA can enter war with Yugoslovia:
    • 1.) immensity of crime (-ie: ethnic cleansing)
    • 2.) importance of region to USA
    • 3.) presence of organization capable of dealing

    (Sa palagay ni Madalene Albright, Sec. of State)
  27. NATO established new principle of international law as a result of war crimes trial:
    not only will the persecution of a dictator of his own people not be tolerated, it would be reversed.
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