us history 2

  1. Authorized federal commissioners to try African American suspects without allowing them to testify or have a jury. Also ordered all citizens to return enslaved people.
    Fugitive Slave Law 1850
  2. Authorized the people in these territories to determine the status of slavery
    Kansas Nebraska Act 1854
  3. Slave owners and Abolitionists hurried to kansas seeking to control the territory
    Bleeding Kansas
  4. Supreme court decision that ruled that slaves are property
    Dred Scott Case
  5. Douglas Believed that whites were superior to blacks.
    Lincoln believed that minorities had the right of life, liberty, and happiness and that slavery would die out in the south.
    Lincoln Douglas Debates
  6. John Brown was a fanatical abolitionist who led a raid against a federal arsenal.
    John Brown's Raid
  7. The democratic party split into two parts.
    Republican party opposed the extention of slavery but promised not to interfere with slavery in states.
    Republic nominated Lincoln...he won election.
    South leaves union and forms the confederate states of america.
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