General principles of Pharmacology

  1. Define Pharmacology?
    the study of drugs and their actions to the body
  2. There are 5 scheduals of drugs- what is the highest threat and the lowest?
    • Schedule 1 is high abuse potential. NO medical use.
    • Sched 5 has low abuse potential. may lead to limted physical and psycologic dependence.
  3. 6 rights are?
    • Right patient
    • Right med
    • Right dosage
    • Right route
    • Right time
    • Right documentation
  4. What is the chemical name of a drug?
    Chemical formulad
  5. What is the generic name of a drug?
    more common name. usually abbreviated chem name
  6. what is the official name of a drug?
    as listed in the u.s pharmacopis
  7. what is the trade name of a drug?
    Manufactures brand name
  8. What is an agonist?
    drug that binds with a receptor site and produces an action
  9. what is an antagonish?
    Blocks a receptor
  10. What is an indication of a drug?
    a condition when a drug has a proven effect
  11. What is a wide effect?
    an unavoidable or undesired effect
  12. what is untoward effect?
    harmful side effect
  13. What is a idiosyncrasy?
    an effect that most people dont get
  14. Biological half life?
    is time required to excrete hald the amount of the drug into the body
  15. what is refractory?
    pt does not react to a drug at all
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