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  1. Heterozygous
    having two different alleles for a given trait
  2. Phenotype
    the expression of a genotype in the appearance or function of an organism; an observed trait
  3. Principle Of Independent Assortment
    the principle stating that the inheritance of alleles residing on one pair of chromosomes does not affect the inheritance of alleles on a different pair of chromosomes
  4. Incomplete Dominance
    pattern of gene expression in which the phenotype of a heterozygous individual is intermediate between those of the parents
  5. Co-dominant
    the condition in which both alleles in a heterozygous organism are expressed
  6. Multiple Alleles
    the existence of several alleles of a gene
  7. X-Linked Trait
    a trait whose gene is carried on the X chromosome (the female sex chromosome, as compared to the male Y chromosome)
  8. Non-Disjunction
    failure of a pair of homologous chromosomes or chromatid pairs to separate during meiosis or mitosis
  9. Karyotype
    a display of the image of a set of chromosomes sorted by number
  10. Probability
    the chance that an event will occur; the number of times an event is expected to occur divided by the total number of opportunities for the event to occur
  11. Dominant
    referring to an allele that masks the presence of another allele of the same gene in a heterozygous organism
  12. Recessive
    a trait whose expression is masked in a heterozygous organism
  13. Principle of Segregation
    the principle stating that homologous chromosomes, with the genes they carry, separate into different gametes during meiosis such that the two alleles for a given trait each appear in a different gamete
  14. Genotype
    the genetic makeup of an organism
  15. Homozygous
    having two identical alleles for a given trait
  16. Multifactorial
    referring to control of the expression of a trait by several genes and environmental factors (eye color, height)
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