MCAT Verbal Reasoning

  1. Main Idea
    The purpose of the passage, the reason for which the author wrote the piece. What the author is "getting at".
  2. Tone
    Requires observation more than inference.
  3. According to the passage means...
    The opinions, attitudes, likes, dislikes, beliefs, and character traits of the author.
  4. Points in identifying contrasting theories
    • 1. Theories hypothesis
    • 2. Viewpoints philosophies
    • 3. Authorities or critics
    • 4. Authors or their works
    • 5. Artists or their works
    • 6. Historical figures
    • 7. Experiments
    • 8. Opinions
    • 9. Forms of government or institutions
    • 10. Objects or subjects
  5. Inference and logic
    Mild and simple jumps from information given to information logically arrived at
  6. Big picture
    Step back and get the larger idea. DON'T consentrate on details!
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MCAT Verbal Reasoning
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