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  1. What area has the most and biggest tornadoes?
    • North America
    • including Mexico
  2. What areas are included in Tornado Alley?
    • Starts in Texas and Oklahoma and will proceed NE
    • Ends in Southern Michigan and NW Ohio
    • includes Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri
  3. What is the area of America that is most common to tornadoes?
    Tornado Alley
  4. do tornadoes only happen at a certain time?
    tornadoes can happen at any time of the day or year
  5. in the wintertime tornadoes can take place often, where?
    in the South
  6. in the summertime tornadoes can take place often, where?
    • Canada
    • the Norther States
  7. when is the period of time that hurricanes occur most often?
    • the spring
    • March-June
  8. What month is the worst for tornadoes in the US as a whole?
  9. what is the worst month for tornadoes in Indiana?
  10. what month is worst for tornadoes in Michigan?
  11. Why are sometimes tornadoes most deadly at night?
    because people aren't alert and awake
  12. what on average is the most common time for tornadoes during the day?
  13. What about the air occurs from 2-9pm?
    it is charged
  14. what is an example of the force of a tornado?
    it can put a piece of straw through a telephone pole
  15. where in the severe weather forecasting center located?
    Kansas City, Missouri
  16. Who comes out with the official report about tornadoes?
    the sever weather forecasting center
  17. what are the 7 ingredients to predicting a tornado?
    • cold, dry air mass from the N (Canada)
    • hot, moist air mass from the S (Gulf of Mexico)
    • hot, dry air mass from the SW (AZ, NM)
    • the jet stream is aloft
    • 90% of tornadoes come out of a cold front
    • temperature inversion takes place
    • dew point temperature is 55 degrees or higher
  18. how fast is the jet stream?
    150-250 mph
  19. what does it mean that the jet stream is aloft?
    it is above where these air masses are colliding
  20. what does temperature inversion mean?
    the temperature gets warmer as you go up into the atmosphere
  21. what does dew point mean?
    that the air is fully saturated with moisture
  22. When the 7 ingredients are all together what is called?
    a tornado watch
  23. what are some other characteristics of a potential tornado?
    • clouds are purplish-green
    • roosters don't roost
    • crickets won't chirp
    • frogs won't croak
    • it gets deathly quiet
    • it sounds like a freight train
    • hail is often involved
  24. what is issued if a funnel cloud, tornado, or water spout are spotted?
    tornado warning
  25. what is the name for a tornado that has not hit the ground?
    a funnel cloud
  26. what is the name for a tornado over water?
    water spot
  27. Who are the people who watch for tornados?
    • volenteer policemen
    • firefighters
  28. what electronic device is helping to predict tornados?
    radar screens
  29. how can a radar screen detect a tornado?
    you can see a little hook in the radar screen that represents a swirl in the clouds
  30. where is the best place to go during a tornado?
    the basement
  31. what are the two biggest areas of injury for victims of tornadoes?
    • head injuries
    • eye injuries
  32. what is the danger of being near windows during a tornado?
    they can burst and send shards
  33. if you can't get to a basement where is the next best place to go?
    go to the smallest central room
  34. why is a smaller central room better than say a living room?
    • is has smaller timber
    • more nails
  35. why should you grab a pillow when hiding for a tornado?
    to protect yourself from falling debry
  36. why should you open a window of your house during a tornado watch?
    because if a funnel cloud goes over your house it can create a vacuum that could blow up your house
  37. if you live in an apartment building where are some of the best places to go?
    • the lowest floor, central hallway
    • under the stairwell
    • the laundry room and hold onto a pipe
  38. what percentage of deaths related to tornadoes occur in trailers?
  39. what college experienced 10 million dollars worth of damage in 1997 due to a tornado?
    Hanover College
  40. where are some of the best places on campus to go in a tornado?
    • Bergwall, Sammy, English basement
    • DC dish room
    • Basement of the Science building
  41. What place on campus is like a bomb shelter?
    the basement of the science center
  42. where would we go if we were in Randell?
    • restrooms
    • storage closet
  43. if a tornado occurs while you're driving on backroads what should you do?
    • under a bridge
    • culver
  44. where should you go if a tornado occurs while you're on the highway?
    • a ditch
    • under an overpass and hold onto the I beam
  45. how many instances has Dr. Jenkinson heard of where a torando hit while someone was in the car and the people lived?
  46. What kind of radio should you buy that will warn you over coming tornadoes?
    a NOAA weather radio
  47. What will the NOAA radio do?
    • it will sound a super loud alarm
    • it will tell you what is happening
    • where the tornado is
    • when it is coming
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