1. Brazil covers what precent of south america?
  2. The Amazon jungle covers nearly what % of the country?
  3. Most Brazilians speak some English.
    Not true
  4. Street kids are drumming for money. What drums do they use?
  5. 4. Manioc is a root and is poisonous when _____ raw (aka cassava, manioc, casava, or yucca)
  6. What is Capoeira?
    Martial arts Dance
  7. How many churches were the slaves forced to build in Salvador?
  8. How must the good luck bracelet come off?
    wear and tear
  9. Who is in the left side of the picture below?
    Che Guevara
  10. What is Candomblé?
    Ancient African Religion
  11. Why was the cattle industry formed?
    Feed workers on the Sugar platations.
  12. On what type of aircraft did he fly to Recife?
    Air bus --Yarig
  13. Why is the water at the beaches around Recife calm?
    Protected by coral reefs
  14. What is a chigger?
    Bug that lives in the sand and will go under your skin.
  15. How long could it take to make a tablecloth?
    1 year
  16. Why did the Boa Constrictor have a bulge in its body?
    Just finshed eating
  17. It has been stated that Boas crush their victims. Is this true?
  18. Belem is the gateway to what?
  19. What three uses have the buffalo on Marajo Island?
    • meat
    • milk
    • labour
  20. What main ingredients are in Tacaca soup?
    Shrimp, dried chili, yellow peppers
  21. In the mercado (market) of Belem, biologists are able to identify only ____% of the fish sold.
  22. In one minute enough fresh water flows down the Amazon to supply New York City for ___years.
    60 years
  23. Why is the hotel front desk clerk behind a glass wall?
  24. What is a carioca?
    Rio inhabitants
  25. When did the Portuguese found Rio?
  26. What is the name of the monument on top of Corcovado Mountain?
    Christ the Redemer
  27. How many fans will the world’s largest stadium hold?
  28. What is the coastline called on the way to Parati?
    Costa Verda
  29. What is cachaça ?
    Sugar Can Liquor %40
  30. How many beaches are around Parati?
  31. What does it cost to enter the carnival parade?
  32. What do the “tourist police” do?
    Keeps tourist areas more safe.
  33. What are the listed foremost 11 attractions of Brazil?
    • Sao luis
    • Iguazu falls
    • Paraty
    • Olinda
    • Tiradentes
    • Cobrial towns of ouro PreAfro-Brazilian Culture.
  34. What 4 requirements are there for a Canadian to visit?
    • Passport
    • Visa
    • Proof onward Passage
    • Sufficient funds
  35. What is the currency?
    Brazilian Real (R$)
  36. Is crime a problem in the Major Cities
  37. When did Brasilia replace Rio de Janeiro as the capital?
  38. List the best buys for shopping in Brazil.
    • Shoes
    • Leather goods
    • Jewelery
  39. List two do’s for Brazil.
    • Do learn a little Portuguese
    • Do carry copies of Passport

    • Do not be surprise with the difference in North and south Brazilians
    • Do not walk around with expensive belongings
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