ped trauma

  1. age
    less than 16
  2. 1 ped trauma
    active airway assistance beyond 02 admin.
  3. 2 ped trauma
    any airway adjunct to assist airway..including jaw thrust or suctioning
  4. 3 ped trauma
    altered mental status
  5. 4 ped trauma
    paralysis, loss of senstation or suspected spinal cord injury
  6. 5 ped trauma
    one long-bone fracture...multiple fractures..multiple dislocation sites
  7. 6 ped trauma
    major degloving or flap avulsion
  8. 7 ped trauma
    2nd or 3rd degree burns greater than 10% BSA
  9. 8 ped trauma
    amputation proximal to wrist or ankle
  10. 9 ped trauma
    systolic BP less than 50
  11. 10 ped trauma
    penetrating injury to head, neck or torso excluding superficial wound were depth can be determined
  12. 11 ped trauma
    faint nonpalpaple carotid or femoral pulse
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