Pharm L20, T2 Adrenergic blockers.txt

  1. Why is a beta blocker important during exercise?
    Will keep HR and BP in check for someone who might be HTN
  2. Name the three main effects of alpha blockade in general?
    • Decreased PR, hypotension
    • Reflex tachycardia (due to reduced BP, inc NE, B rec activation)
    • Decreased vagal input
  3. Three signs of Pheochromocytoma?
    • Arrhythmias
    • Tachycardia
    • HTN
  4. What metabolite is measured to ID pheochromocytoma?
    • 24-hr uring NE and VMA
    • **TOO high VMA = tumor present
  5. principal drug used for Pheochromocytoma?
  6. What happens to half life of Prazosin with CHF? Dosage?
    • half-life: doubles
    • dosage: cut in half
  7. What drug is an alpha 2 blocker and antagonizes Clonidine?
  8. Effects of Beta blockers and Epinephrine on phase 4 depolarization?
    • beta blockers: decrease rate of phase 4 depolarization
    • Epi: increase rate of phase 4 depolarization
  9. Epi effects on BP w/ Beta blockers? How to overcome?
    • BP shoots up b/c of effect on alpha receptors
    • ** Overcome with tag teaming alpha blocker
  10. Which is better for a diabetic: Beta 1 or 2 blocker? Why?
    Beta 1 b/c Beta 2 blockers inhibit gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis
  11. Effect of K uptake into cells when Beta blockers are used?
    K uptake is inhibited
  12. VLDL & HDL effect from Beta blockers? Why?
    • VLDL increase, HDL decrease
    • ** b/c B3 generally helps with lipolysis of FFA, but since it is shut off the FFA circulate
  13. What five beta blockers have anesthetic affects?
    • Acebutolol & Pindolol (intrinsic sym. activity)
    • Propranolol (B-rec blocker)
    • Metoprolol (B1 blocker)
    • Labetolol (Alpha & Beta blocker)
  14. cimetidine effect on Propranolol?
    Cimetidine inhibits CYP2D6 metabolism of Propranolol = extended effects
  15. Effect of barbituates, phenytoin, rifampin & smoking on propranolol?
    increased metabolism of Propranolol through CYP2D6 system
  16. Ca channel effect if tagged with Propranolol?
    Horrible bradycardia and HypoTN
  17. Which Beta blocker causes the worst fatigue?
  18. Problem with using Verapamil + Beta blocker?
    Verapamil = Ca channel blocker, so if you are all ready causing braycardia it will become worse
  19. What drug type should you use if there is a lot of Epi present?
    Alpha and Beta blocker
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