Mae Jemison Vocabulary

  1. artificial
    produced or made by humans

    synonym: fake
  2. satellite
    something, often times a communication device, that revolves around the earth to complete a task

    synonym: earth orbiter
  3. launches
    to catapult a vehicle; to put into action by force

    synonym: catapult
  4. orbit
    the path of a spacecraft around a planet

    synonym: circle or path
  5. reusable
    something that can be used again

    synonym: over and over
  6. mission
    being sent for a purpose

    synonym: goal
  7. specialist
    one who become knowledgeable about a specific subject

    synonym: expert
  8. space shuttle
    United States space vehicle
  9. astronaut
    a person trained to go into space

    synonym: space traveler; space explorer; moon walker
  10. weightlessness
    having no weight

    synonym: lightweight
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