Ex Sci Exam 3. MUSCLES

  1. SHOULDER GIRDLE: pectoralis minor
    abduction, downward rotation, and depression
  2. SHOULDER GIRDLE: serratus anterior
    abduction, upward roatation
  3. SHOULDER GIRDLE: trapezious
    elevation, adduction, and internal roatation
  4. SHOULDER GIRDLE: Rhomboid
    adduction, downard roatation, and elevation
  5. SHOULDER GIRDLE: levator scapulae
  6. SHOULDER GIRDLE: subclavius
    depression and abduction
  7. SHOULDER JOINTS: pectoralis major
    UPPER: internal rotation, horizontal adduction, diagonal adduction, flexion, abduction

    LOWER: Internal roatation, horizontal ad, diagonal ad, extension, adduction
  8. SHOULDER JOINTS: coracobrachialis
    horizontal adduction, diagonal adduction
  9. SHOULDER JOINTS: subscapulars
    internal rotation, adduction, and extension
  10. SHOULDER JOINTS: deltoid
    ANTERIOR: ab, flexion, horizontal ad, internal roatation, diagonal ad,

    MID: ab, horizontal ab

    POSTERIOR: ab, horizontal ab, external rotation, diagonal ab
  11. SHOULDER JOINTS:supraspinatus
  12. SHOULDER JOINTS:latimus dorsi
    extension, ad, internal rotation, horizontal ab
  13. SHOULDER JOINTS:teres major
    extension, ad, internal rotation
  14. SHOULDER JOINTS: teres minor
    external rotation, horizonal ab, extension, diagonal ab
  15. SHOULDER JOINTS: infraspinatous
    external rotation, horizontal ab, extension, diagonal ab
  16. ELBOW & RADIOULNAR JOINT: bicep brachii
  17. ELBOW & RADIOULNAR JOINT: brachialis
  18. ELBOW & RADIOULNAR JOINT: brachioradialis
    flexion, pronation, supination
  19. ELBOW & RADIOULNAR JOINT: pronator teres and quadratus
    pronation, flexion
  20. ELBOW & RADIOULNAR JOINT: triceps brachii
    extension ad, horizontal ab, extension
  21. ELBOW & RADIOULNAR JOINT: anconeus
  22. ELBOW & RADIOULNAR JOINT: supinator
  23. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: iliacus
    flexion, anterior rotation, exterior rotation, transverse rotation
  24. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: pectineus
    flexion, ad, external rotation
  25. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: rectus femoris
    flexion, extension and anterior rotation
  26. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: sartorius
    flexion, anterior rotation, external rotation, internal rotation, ab
  27. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: gluteus maximus
    extension, posterior rotation, external rotation
  28. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: gluteus medious
    ab, lateral rotation
  29. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: gluteus minimous
    ab, lateral rotation, internal rotation, flexion
  30. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: tensor fasciae latae
    ab, flexion, anterior rotation, internal rotation
  31. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: bicep femoris
    flexion, extension, posterior rotation, external rotation of hip n knee
  32. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: semimembernosis
    flexion, extension, posterior rotation, internal rotation
  33. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: external rotator
    external rotation
  34. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: adductor brevis
    adduction, external rotation, flexion
  35. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: longus and magnus
    long: ad,flexion

    magnus: ad, external rotation, extension
  36. HIP AND PELVIC GIRDLE: gracilis
    ad, flexion, internal rotation
  37. KNEE JOINT: Rectus femoris
    extension, flexion, anterior rotation
  38. KNEE JOINT: vastus medialis, intermedius and laterallis
  39. KNEE JOINT: biceps femoris
    flexion, extension, posterior rotation, external rotation
  40. KNEE JOINT: semimembernosis
    extension, flexion, posterior rotation, internal rotation
  41. KNEE JOINT: gracilis
  42. KNEE JOINT: semitendinosus
    extension, felxion, posterior rotation, internal rotation
  43. KNEE JOINT: sartorius, poplitieus, gastrocnemius
  44. ANKLE AND FOOT JOINTS: gasrocnemious
    plantar flexion, flexion
  45. ANKLE AND FOOT JOINTS: soleus & plantaris
    plantar flexion
  46. ANKLE AND FOOT JOINTS: tibialis posterior and anterior
    post: inversion foot, plantar flexion ankle

    ant: dorsi flexion, inversion
  47. TRUNK AND SPINAL COLUMN: trapezius
    elevation, ad, internal rotation
  48. TRUNK AND SPINAL COLUMN: sternocleidomastoid
    extension of head, flexion of cerviical, each side rotation and lateral flexion
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