1. What occurs during telophase?
    Nuclear membrane begins to reform; cell begins to pinch into two.
  2. What occurs during mitosis?
    • Condensing of chromosomes
    • uncoupling of chromatids at centromere
    • formation of a spindle
    • disapearance of the nucleolus
  3. Chromatin is coposed of _______ and_______.
    Chromatin is the basic structure thyat makes up ________.
    • DNA
    • Proteins
    • Chromosomes
  4. What happens during interphase of mitosis?
    A typical eukaryotic cell will spend most of its life in interphase. Some cells divide regularly, some occasionally. other cells lose the capacity to divide altogether and stay in interphase indefinetly.
  5. Mitosis results in......
    • Two new cells
    • Diploid cells
    • Identical cells
  6. When do cells divide?
    When it needs to grow, renew itself or reproduce a clome or genetically identical cell is produced through mitosis.
  7. What is cell division?
    The reproduction of cells.
  8. How does turger pressure affect a plant cell?
    It stores water in the plant cell until it gets very firm so it it doesnt get water, it will still survive a while longer.
  9. What is tuger pressure?
    • Hypotonic
    • Normal pressure for a plant.
  10. The _____ pulls away from the cell wall when plant cells are places in a ______ solution. In this scenario, there is _____ water leaving the cell than is entering.
    • Cell
    • Hypertonic
    • More
  11. _______ cells in hypotonic solutions have a high _______ pressure which causes the cell to expand. In this scenario, ther is ______ water entering the cell than leaving.
    • Animal
    • Concentraion
    • More
  12. If a plant cell is placed im an isotonic solution it will _______ because ______ water leaves the cell than is entering.
    • Become flaccid
    • More

    cells ______________ water in hypertonic solutions causing them to

    • Push out
    • Shrivel

    cells in isotonic solutions have _____________ amounts of water moving in
    and out of the cell.

    • Animal
    • Normal
  13. If
    an animal cell is place in a _______________________ it will shrivel
    Hypertonic solution

    is a hypertonic solution? Isotonic? Hypotonic?

    • Hypertonic- more concentrated
    • Isotonic- equally concentated
    • Hypotonic- less concentrated

    What type of transport protein interacts with the substrate?

    Active transport
  14. What
    type of transport is demonstrated by a transport protein embedded in the cell
    membrane that is specific for an ion and has a gated opening?
    Passive transport

    is diffusion?

    allows substance to move across the membrane woth no energy.
  15. Compare
    and contrast active and passive transport
    • active transport requires energy and can be moved in and out.
    • passive transport lets molecules in the cell at a lot lower concentration and does not require energy (facilited diffusion)
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