1. planning
    process of setting objectives and determining how best to accomplish them
  2. plan
    statement of action steps to be taken in order to accomplish the objectives
  3. long term plans
    look 3 or more years into the future
  4. short term plans
    cover one year year or less
  5. strategic plan
    identifies long-term directions for the organization
  6. functional plan
    indicate how different components of the enterprise will contribute to the overall strategy
  7. operational plans
    identifies short-term activities to implement strategic plans
  8. policy
    standing plan that communicates broad guidelines for decisions and action
  9. procedures
    describe rules for what actions are to be taken in specific situations
  10. budgets
    single-use plans that commit resources for specific time periods to activities, projects, or programs
  11. forecasting
    the process of predicting what will happen in the future
  12. contingency planning
    identifies alternative courses of action to take when things go wrong
  13. scenario planning
    identifies alternative future scenarios and makes plans to deal with each
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