SIM lab 1 meds.

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  1. Generic: Cefazolin
    • Brand: Ancef
    • Class: anti-infectives
    • action: binds to bacterial cell wall membrane, causing cell death
    • SE: seizures, steven johnson syndrome, anaphylaxis
    • Lab: bilirubin, LDH, BUN, cretinine, WBC
  2. Generic: Diltiazem
    • Brand: cardizem
    • Class: antihypertensives
    • action: inhibits transport of calcium into myocardial and vascular smooth muscle cells. decrease BP
    • SE: arrhythmias, CHF, Steven Johnson syndrome
    • Lab: potassium, renal functions
    • monitor BP and pulse before admin.
  3. Generic: Docusate Sodium
    • Brand: clace, diocto, dulcolax, docu
    • class: laxatives
    • action: promotes incorporation of water into stool, resulting in softer fecal mass.
    • SE: mild cramps, rash
    • lab: potassium, sodium
    • admin with full glass of water or juice
  4. Generic: Enoxaparin (Heparins)
    • Brand: Lovenox
    • class: anticoagulants
    • action: poteniate the inhibitory effect of antithrombin on factor Xa and thrombin. prevention of thrombus formation
    • SE: bleeding, anemia, dizziness
    • lab: CBC, occult blood in stool, platelet
    • hbg- 11 g/dL
    • hct- 33%
    • platelets- 250,000/mcl
  5. Generic: warfarin
    • Brand: coumadin
    • class: anticoagulants
    • action: interferes with hepatic synthesis of vitamin K dependent clotting factors. prevention of thromboembolic events.
    • SE: bleeding, cramps, nausea
    • lab: PT- 21 sec, control- 11 sec; INR-1.9
  6. Generic: Hydrocodone / acetaminophen
    • Brand: vicodin
    • class: opioid agonist/nonopioid analgesic
    • action: bind to poiate receptors in the CNS. alter the preception of the response to painful stimuli while producing CNS depression.
    • SE: confustion, dizziness,
    • lab: increase in plasma amylase and lipase concentrations
    • assess BP, pulse and res. before admin
  7. Generic: penicillin G
    • Brand: pfizerpen
    • class: anti-infectives
    • action: bind to bacteria cell wall, resulting in cell death
    • SE: sizures, anaphylaxix
    • lab: sodium, WBC
  8. Generic: Epinephrine
    • Brand: adrenalin, EpiPen
    • class: adrenergics
    • action: results in the accumulation of cyclic adenosine monophosphate at beta adrenergic receptors
    • SE: nervousness, restlessness, tremor
    • lab: potassium
    • assess lung sounds, pulse, BP before admin.
  9. Brand: Benadryl
    • Generic: diphenhydramine
    • class: antihistamines
    • action: antagonizes the effects of histamine at h1 receptor sites; does not bind to or inactivate histamine
    • SE: drowsiness, anorexia
    • admin with meals or milk to minimize GI irritation
  10. Brand: tagamet
    • Generic: Cimetidene
    • class: histamine H2 anatagonists
    • action: inhibits the action of histamine at the H2 receptor site located primarily in gastric cells
    • SE: arrhythmias, agranulocytosis
    • lab: CBC
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