PharmSci #2

  1. used in liquid preparations to proivde acidic medium for product stability
    acidifying agent
  2. used in liquid preparations to provide alkaline medium for product stability
    alkalizing agent
  3. an agent capable of holding other molecules onto its surface by physical or chemical (chemisorption) means
  4. agent responsible for developing the pressure within an aerosol container and expelling the product when the valve is opened
    aerosol propellant
  5. agent employed to displace air in a hermetically sealed container to enhance product stability
    air displacement
  6. used in liquid and semisolid preparations to prevent growth of fungi; effectiveness of parabens is usually enahnced by use in combination
    antifungal preservative
  7. used in liquid and semisolid preparations to prevent growth of microorganisms
    antimicrobial preservative
  8. used to prevent deterioration of preparations by oxidation
  9. used to resist change in pH upon dilution or addition of acid or alkali
    buffering agent
  10. substance that forms stable water-soluble complexes (chelates) with metals; used in some liquid pharmaceuticals as stabilizers to complex heavy metals that might promote instability; in such use they're also called sequestering agents
    chelating agents
  11. used to impart color to liquid and solid preparations
  12. used as filtering aid for its adsorbent qualities
    clarifying agent
  13. used to promote and maintain dispersion of finely subdivided particles of liquid in a vehicle in which it is immicscible; end product may be a liquid emulision or semisolid emulsion
    emulsifying agent
  14. used to form thin shells to enclose
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