Lieutenant SOP's

  1. 400-8 Station operations
    Upon direction of the co. commander, all members _____ shall proceed with their ________ which will not be interrupted for purposes of _____ or _____
    • regardless of rank
    • assigned duties
    • personal business or athletic activities
  2. 400-8 Station operations
    company commanders of all 4 shifts in a station shall confer with each other in reference to ___________,___________and________
    • repairs
    • supplies
    • upkeep of the station
  3. 400-8 Station operations
    all communications from company commanders and requests for maintainance/equip. requests must be submitted to __________ for approval
    battalion/division chief
  4. 400-8 Station operations
    Beds shall be made ____, upon rising, no later then _______
    • by the member using it
    • 0700 each morning
  5. 400-8 Station operations
    It is the responsibility of each employee to maintain at least _____________ in his locker at all times
    one complete change of linen
  6. 400-8 Station operations
    When individuals are detailed, it will be their responsibility to take the necessary linen with them regardless of ___________
    time notified of detail
  7. 400-8 Station operations
    Stations being filled in shall be _________ if necessary and maintained so __________
    • cleaned
    • as to be presentable
  8. 400-8 Station operations
    Members will not make any alterations or installations in the station without prior approval of _____________ and in accordance with _____
    • division chief or higher
    • depts self help program
  9. 400-8 Station operations
    Each station shall appoint a ___________ who will be responsible for performing a _____________ of the individual stations accountable _____
    • fixed assets administrator
    • semi-annual
    • fixed assests
  10. 400-8 Station operations
    A ___________ stating the condition of any items to be repaired, replaced, disposed of or surplussed must be forwarded thru the channels to ______
    • form 58
    • field operations
  11. 400-8 Station operations
    All items must then be ______ until their disposition is approved by a ________
    • held at the station
    • rep of the fixed assets administration
  12. 400-8 Station operations
    Members occupying beds shall not be ___________
    unnecessarily disturbed
  13. 400-8 Station operations
    All lockers/closets shall be kept in a _____ and ____ at all times with the _________
    • neat and orderly fashion
    • door kept closed
  14. 400-8 Station operations
    Replacement requests will be made utilizing a __________ submitted for approval by _________ and ________ who will then send to _________ for completion
    • form 133p
    • comp commander and bc/dc
    • quatermaster
  15. 400-8 Station operations
    PAT tags lost/worn out shall be reported to ____________, in _________ and without delay
    • BC/DC
    • writing
  16. 400-8 Station operations
    All linens shall be marked utilizing the individuals __________
    last name, first name, middle initial
  17. 400-8 Station operations
    Utilizing a ____________ sheets and pillowcases are marked in what locations
    • Black magic marker
    • sheets- small double hem which when tucked in is not visible
    • pillowcases- inside of double hem at opening of pillowcase
  18. 400-8 Station operations
    When toll calls are made in the performance of FD business, proper documentation shall be completed/forwarded to _________
    admin services
  19. 400-8 Station operations
    Members of the FD must observe the chain of command when contacting __________ or the ___ and ______
    • admin services
    • DC
    • asst chief
  20. 400-8 Station operations
    Inquiries about leave/payroll must be directed to _______ via ________
    • admin services
    • chain of command
  21. 400-8 Station operations
    CC's shall post on the bulletin board, for ______ all communications that may require further attention of their personnel
    30 days
  22. 400-8 Station operations
    Material notices to be displayed on the station bulletin board shall pertain only to the ___________ and ________
    • operation of FD
    • safety notices
  23. 400-8 Station operations
    The exception to the bulletin board space is alloted by the _________ to __________
    • fire chief
    • special interest groups
  24. 400-8 Station operations
    First aid supplies used around quarters will be obtained from the ________
    house kit
  25. 400-8 Station operations
    Supplies needed for house/apparatus first aid kits shall be obtained from __________
  26. 400-8 Station operations
    ___________ Shall be responsible for the proper maintainance of all first aid kits
    comp commanders
  27. 400-8 Station operations
    T/F With permission from the OIC a member may work on their POV in the apparatus bay
    False at no time will POVs be placed in the station
  28. 400-8 Station operations
    When an item is delivered to a station with the delivery ticket, the ________ or ________ is to sign/date the ticket immediately
    OIC or designee
  29. 400-8 Station operations
    Delivery tickets are forwarded to __________ via ________
    • field operations office
    • driver messenger
  30. 400-8 Station operations
    If no delivery ticket is left at station, what must be done?
    prepare memo stating what was delivered, by whom, and when received. sign and date to field ops and send via driver messenger
  31. 400-8 Station operations
    T/F The parking of mopeds/motorcycles is permissible in the station
    false only mopeds and bicycles
  32. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    _____ is the advanced tactical planning of a site for positive and effective fire ground control operations
    fire survey planning
  33. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    Name 4 reasons/purposes for FSP
    • Assist OIC in making fire ground decisions
    • assist comp officers memory while enroute (emergency)
    • basis for simulation drills
    • enable companies to become aware of first due hazards
  34. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    Prior to the actual survey, its imperative the the owner/manager be _____ by the _ or ______
    • interviewed
    • planning officer and or fire specialist
  35. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    A FSP should contain only information that _________
    does not change readily
  36. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    What form is used for a FSP?
    form 41
  37. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    _________ shall coordinate the development of FSP's
    battalion chief
  38. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    ______ and ____ will review/sign FSPs before submitting them to _________
    • comp commander and BC
    • appropriate div chief
  39. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    Any fire prevention follow up should be forwarded to ________
    the fire marshals office
  40. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    FSP's are to be developed on a _____________ basis
  41. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    __________ and ___________ will coordinate BLDG selection for survey completion
    • Battalion chief
    • station commanders
  42. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    The ______ shall forward a copy of each survey to the _____ on a __________basis
    • battalion chief
    • safety office
    • monthly
  43. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    It is the responsibility of ______, _________ and ________ to see that all FSP's remain current
    • BC
    • DC
    • CC
  44. 400-13 Fire Survey Planning FSP
    Name at least 3 considerations for target hazards
    • large life hazard
    • bldg construction
    • occupancy type
    • water supply/distribution
    • space between bldgs
    • lack of protection devices
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