1. Incendiary
    Tending to excite or inflame
  2. stoic
    not affected by passion or feeling
  3. Voluble
    fluent and smooth in speech
  4. Indefatigable
  5. Supercilious
    Haughtily, contemptuous, arrogant, overbearing
  6. Reticent
    Silent or uncommunicative
  7. Prosaic
    Lacking imagination or excitement
  8. Ingenuous
    straightforward or frank
  9. Magnanimous
    Showing or suggesting a lofty courageous spirit or generous
  10. Propitious
    Being a good omen
  11. Sardonic
    Expressing scorn or mockery
  12. Indolent
  13. Egregious
    notably bad
  14. Abstruse
    Hard to understand
  15. Ubiquitous
    Existing or being everywhere at the same time, or omnipresent
  16. Indigent
    Impoverished or needy
  17. Indigenous
    Produced, growing, or living in a particular region
  18. Surreptitious
    Done, made, or acquired by stealth
  19. Peruse
    to read attentively
  20. Ruse
    a wily trick
  21. Condescend
    To assume an air of superiority
  22. Ensconce
    to shelter or conceal
  23. Usurp
    To seize and hold by force or without
  24. Paradox
    A statement that seems contrary to common sense and yet perhaps true
  25. Obviate
    Make unnecessary
  26. Mitigate
    to make less harsh
  27. Deprecate
    to express disapproval of
  28. Predilection
    A favorable inclination
  29. Sycophant
    A servile flatterer
  30. Exacerbate
    To increase the severity of
  31. Vanguard
    The forefront of an action or movement
  32. Encumber
    To weigh down or burden
  33. Chicanery
    Trickery or deception
  34. Absolve
    To set free from obligation or guilt
  35. Enigma
    Something obscure or hard to understand like a puzzle or riddle
  36. Provincial
    Confined to a region or province
  37. Precursor
    One that precedes and indicates the approaches of another
  38. Amalgam
    A mixture of different elements
  39. Decimate
    To destroy a large part of
  40. Officious
    Volunteering ones services where they are neither asked fro nor needed
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