1. What the first stage of labor?
    • Contractions of the uterus
    • Blooy show, rupture of the amniotic sac
  2. What is "Primi"gravida
    First pregnancy

  3. What is multi"para"
    Has had more than one "live birth"
  4. What is a full term pregnancy?
    36-40 weeks
  5. What stage of labor is the longest?
    The first stage.
  6. What is preeclapsia?
    Is a complication near delivery, a condition that can develop during the 20th week of gestation
  7. How do you transport hypotensive syndrome?
    On her left side
  8. What is an ectopic pregnancy?
    A pregnancy that develops outside the uterus most often in a fallopian tube
  9. Write the circumstances for deliverying at the scene
    • When delivery can be expected within a few minutes
    • When a natural disaster, bad weather or some type of catastrophe makes it impossible to reach the hospital
  10. When the baby is born what do you suction first and second?
    first mouth, second nose..
  11. Know the apgar scoring
    • Appearance 0-2 (color)
    • Pulse 0-2 (beats/min) >100 score 2, fewer than 100 score 1, absent 0
    • Grimace 0-2 (cries)
    • Activity 0-2 (movement)
    • Respiration 0-2 (Rapid=2, slow=1,absent=0)

    Should be calculated at 1min and 5min after birth
  12. What are ventilation for a baby that has been delivered
    40-60 breath/min
  13. How do you transport a pt in the prolapse cord situation?
    Trendelenburg position or knee-chest position
  14. When should you pack the uterus
  15. Complications of abortion?
    Infection and bleeding
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