French verbs

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  1. Etre
    to be (irregular)
  2. Avoir
    to have (irregular)
  3. Faire
    to do (irregular)
  4. Attendre
    to wait for
  5. Parler
    to speak
  6. Finir
    to finish
  7. Pouvoir
    Can or to be able to
  8. Aller
    to go (irregular)
  9. Vouloir
    to want
  10. Habiter
    To live in
  11. Vendre
    to sell
  12. Repondre
    to respond/ answer reply
  13. Descendre
    to descend
  14. Porter
    to wear
  15. Mettre
    to put on (irregular)
  16. Voir
    to see
  17. Savoir
    to know
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