Chapter 2 Social Studies

  1. a device that enabled navigators to learn their ship’s location by charting the position of the stars
  2. used triangular sails that, unlike traditional square sails, allowed ships to sail against the wind
  3. Imaginary Line that allowed Spain to claim west of all land west of the line.
    Line of Demarcation
  4. moved the Line of Demarcation 800 miles further west
    Treaty of Tordesillas
  5. When europeans brought back a variety of plants and animals to Europe, Asia, and Africa. This transfer became known this because it started with Columbus's explorations.
    Columbian Exchange
  6. soldiers who led military expeditions in the Americas
  7. It gave settlers the right to tax local Native Americans or to make them work. In exchange, these settlers were supposed to protect the Native American people and convert them to Christianity
    Encomienda System
  8. large farms that grew just one kind of crop
  9. This religious movement began in small German towns but quickly spread to most of Europe
    Protestant Reformation
  10. a huge fleet of warships meant to end the English plans
    Spanish Armada
  11. a water route through North America that would allow ships to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific
    Northwest Passage
  12. a document giving him permission to start a colony
  13. was the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean that enslaved Africans were forced to endure
    Middle Passage
  14. when Enslaved Africans were sent all across the New World
    African Diaspora
  15. a machine that produces printed copies using movable type that helped the Reformation
    Printing press
  16. wrote on on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences by Martin Luther
    Ninety-Five Theses
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