Chapter 2 Social Studies

  1. Norwegian explorer, son of
    Erik the Red, was first European to explore the
    Leif Eriksson
  2. King of Portugal
    who established a school of navigation and
    financed trips of exploration.
    Henry the Navagator
  3. Director general of the Dutch New Netherland
    colony, he was forced to surrender New Netherland
    to the English
    Peter Stuyvesant
  4. Italian sailor knew that the king of England wanted to find the Norweegan passage
    John Cabot
  5. followed the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico
    Rene-Robert LaSalle
  6. French navigator
    who made three voyages to Canada for France.
    He explored the St. Lawrence River.
    Jacques Cartier
  7. Got claimed the mississippi valley, and it was named after him
    King Louis XIV
  8. Funed Christopher Columbus' journey
    King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
  9. Italian explorer,
    he was convinced that he could reach Asia by
    sailing westward across the Atlantic Ocean.
    He gained the support of Spain’s monarchs and
    commanded a small fleet that reached the socalled
    New World, setting off a tide of
    European exploration of the area.
    Christopher Columbus
  10. Spanish conquistador,
    he conquered Mexico and brought about the
    fall of the Aztec Empire.
    Hernan Cortez
  11. Portuguese captain of a Spanish fleet that
    sought a western route to Asia via the “Southern
    Ocean”, he found a passage through South
    America, now known as the Strait of Magellan,
    but died during the expedition. His crew of 18
    people with one remaining ship successfully
    circumnavigated the world
    Ferdinand Magellan
  12. Spanish conquistador who sailed with Balboa
    on the discovery of the Pacific Ocean, he later
    pursued rumors of golden cities in the Andes
    Mountains of South America and conquered the
    Inca Empire.
    Francisco Pizarro
  13. King Manuel of Portugal sent him (another explorer) on an expedition around the Cape of Good Hope
    Vasco de Gama
  14. a German priest who publicly criticized the Roman Catholic Church. He charged that the church was too wealthy and that it abused its power.
    Martin Luther
  15. lead a Catholic Reformation against the Protestant movement
    King Phillip II
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