Buying Wine

  1. Rule #1
    Look for alcohol: 12.5-14%, function of sugar
  2. Rule #2
    Look at the appellation (source of grapes): more specific, better the grapes
  3. Rule #3
    Pay for the wine, not the marketing
  4. Rule #4
    look for varietals (1 grape) as opposed to blends
  5. Rule #5
    look for oak in reds; seek oak in white only if you want an oaken white (says "barrel aged" or "barrel fermented" on bottle)
  6. Rule #6
    Look for sweetness level and buy accordingly (dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet)
  7. Rule #7
    Forget legs: just read label for alcohol content
  8. Rule #8
    forget blushes; domestics are usually mass produced, simple sweet wines
  9. Rule #9
    Forget "breathing" unless sulfites abound
  10. Rule #10
    • Look at color: Reds should be "inky"
    • Whites should be clear, faintly straw colored (avoid brownish tinge-->oxidation)
  11. Rule #11
    if spoiled, return to retailer
  12. Rule #12
    Appellation-specific generics (blends) are a bargain
  13. Rule #13
    • Look at year of harvest:
    • Whites: 1-3 years
    • Reds: 4-6 years
    • NV for sparklings OK
  14. Rule #14
    Forget the pairing rules; EXPERIMENT!
  15. Rule #15
    "Vinted and Bottled" vs "Cellared and Bottled": purchase "Cellared and Bottled" if appellation-specific!
  16. Beware of last year's _________.
  17. Home Wine Tasting Events
    • Twelve 2oz pours from a 0.75L bottle
    • Six 4oz pours
  18. Corks from Tree Bark
    • Quercus Suber
    • 52% from Portugal
  19. Cork Taint
    • Don't sniff cork, sniff wine!
    • Cork taint most often due to TCA
  20. Other ways to "cork" wine
    • Cellucork
    • Nomacorc
    • Stelvin Openers (screw caps)
    • Boxes w/ pressure-sealed, durable plastic bags
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