1. Nervous system is made primary of
    Neurons/glial cell
  2. Neurons
    nerve cells specialized for communitcation
  3. Glial Cells
    Support cells: Provide support and utrients for neurons; from myelin; form blood brain barrier
  4. Blood brain barrier
    prevents harmful substances from entering the brain
  5. Cell body
    central region of the cell
  6. dendrites
    receive outside signal
  7. axon
    delivers signal to other cells
  8. myelin sheath
    glial cells that help speed signal transmission
  9. axon terminal
    end of axon where signal is released
  10. action potential
    all or none electrical impulse that neurons use to communicate
  11. synapse
    junction netween two communicating neurons
  12. neurotransmitter
    chemical signal
  13. synaptic cleft
    space between two meurons where neurotransmitter is released
  14. abosolute refractory period
    Recovery time when another AP is not possible
  15. Types of Neuron:
    sensory neuron , interneurons, motor neurons
  16. The nervous system
    hoe the brain communicates with the body. composed of peripheral nervous system and central nervous system
  17. Peripheral nervous system
    nerves that connect muscles, organs, and glands to the central nervous system. Somatic NS and Autonomic NS
  18. Central nervous system
    Brain and Spinal cord
  19. Somatic NS
    carries signal between the CNS and muscles in the body that control movement
  20. Autonomic NS
    carries signals between the CNS and organsthat regulate involuntary actions and the body's internal state. Sympathetic NS and Parasympathtic NS
  21. Sympathetic NS
    Readies the body for action (fight /flight response)
  22. Parasympathetic NS
    active during rest. slows heart rate and responsible for digestion and rest.
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