1. What are the eight patterns that emerge in Black screen representation?
    • 1) Blacks are shown
    • on screen dancing or performing trite acts:
    • 2) Blacks are depicted as saving the lives of white people, as though they are the saviors of
    • whites
    • 3) Blacks are depicted as servants or in a subservient capacity
    • 4) Depicted as shiftless, lazy, watermelon eaters, and chicken eaters
    • 5) Depicted as objects of fear
    • 6) Athletes
    • 7) Seen in anthropological films
    • 8) Civil War Films
  2. Who were William Foster and Joe Shoecraft?
    • a) Some of the first black film makers between 1910-1911
    • b) Started Foster Photoplay Company aka Will Foster Moving Company
    • c) Did Railroad Porter
  3. Who were the "Two Real Coons"?
    Bert Williams and George Wilkes
  4. What are the 5 major stereotypes?
    • 1) Uncle Tom
    • 2) Coon
    • 3) Mullatto
    • 4) Mammy
    • 5) Black Buck
  5. Describe the Uncle Tom stereotype and give an example.
    • -originated from Uncle Tom's cabin
    • - loyalty to master, always faithful and devoted, helpful and sees bright side
    • ex. Driving Ms. Daisy
  6. Describe the coon stereotype.
    • a) sly, cunning, avoids work
    • b) chicken and watermelon eating
    • c) pickaninny is a child version
    • d) meant to be laughed at
    • ex. Wayans Bros, Martin
  7. Describe the mullatto stereotype
    • a) fair-skinned, european features
    • b) pitied, not accepted into Black or White world, confused
    • ex. Halle Berry in Queen
  8. Describe the Mammy stereotype.
    • a) dark skinned, heavier,
    • b) more aggressive and independent
    • c) no sex appeal
    • ex. Hattie McDaniels
  9. Describe the Black Buck stereotype.
    • a) savage, violent black male
    • b) hypersexualized
    • ex. Jim Brown
  10. What is Birth of a Nation?
    • a) film directed by D.W. Griffith in 1915
    • b) Based on the book the Clansmen by Thomas Dixon
  11. What are the cinematic techniques used to make Birth of a Nation special?
    • a) Introduced Night photography
    • b) Moving Camera shot
    • c) Split screens
    • d) Dissolve as a linking device
    • e) Iris in/Iris out – Circle becomes larger and
    • larger and larger or vice versa
    • f) Dynamism
  12. What were some myths about Birth of a Nation?
    • 1) Blacks were the only ones offended by the film
    • 2) The film started protest
    • 3) All Black characters were played by whites
  13. What were the opinions of scholars about Birth of a Nation?
    • 1) Thomas Cripps felt that Blacks limited Hollywood because of protests
    • 2) Clyde Taylor felt film was horrible despite its cinematic achievements
    • 3) Appiah Anthony said racism was unintentional
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