1. equality
    accepents and approval
  2. empathy
    understand what the other person is experiencing, emotionally, intellectually. DONT NOT give advise
  3. Immediacy
    joining of the speaker and listener, that creats a sense of togetherness
  4. soical (interpersonal) confidence
    about to talk to people and not be nevouse or shy
  5. Interaction ( conversation) management
    both peolpe are doing equal talking and listening
  6. supportivness
    useing 5 of the steps, objectivity, problem orientation, openness, empathy, equality
  7. positiveness
    two ways for positiveness attitude and through verbal "stroking"
  8. other-orientation
    to talk to someone else and ask questions about them and not always try to talk about themself
  9. comm. Principles
    5 rules
    • 1) comm. can be intentional or unintentional
    • 2) all comm. has both a content and a relational dimention
    • 3)comm. is irreversible ( cant take back)
    • 4) comm are unpepeatable
    • 5) means are in people not in words
  10. comm. inconceptions

    3 rules
    • 1) more comm. is better
    • 2) comm. will slove problems
    • 3) competent comm. is a natural ability
  11. communiction competence

    5 rules
    • 1. appropriateness (choosing the best behvior)
    • 2. effectiveness (goal satisfaction) [what you want]
    • 3. knownlegde
    • 4. awareness/ability to asses situational dynamice
    • 5. flexibity(a broad skill to choice from)
  12. two theories self-concept
    • 1) soical comparison( we compare ourselfs to other)
    • 2) reflective appraivals (finding out who we are by what we are given to use. parents siblings
  13. characteristis of Identity management

    3 roles
    • 1) we contain multiple identity( son, father, friend)
    • 2) indentity management is collaberative(teacher, group)
    • 3) the extend of your facework very from person to peson
  14. manage our identity
    • manner
    • apperance
    • setting
  15. identity management
    how we try to make others view us
  16. face
    a social identity (role)
  17. facework
    the verb and nnonverbal ways we maintain our "face"
  18. stereotyping
    exaggerateg belisfles based oj the real truth
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