Exam II

  1. Lymphatic system consists of:
    • Lymph
    • Lymph vessels (lymphatics)
    • Lymph nodes
    • Lymph organs
  2. Lymph organs
    • Spleen
    • Thymus
    • Tonsils
  3. Non-specific defences (anatomical defences)
    • Intact skin and mucous menbranes acting as physical barriers
    • Phagocytic cells engulf all types of foreign microbes/foreign material
    • Toxic secretions of the sweat and subaceous glands of skin
    • Acid of the stomach destroys most swallowed microbes
    • Reticuloendoethial cells-macrophages found in lymph cellls
  4. T-Lymphocytes
    Responsible for "cellular immunity"- t-cell directly attacks and destroys the antigen
  5. 6 types of T-cells formed by mitotic division of sensitized T-lymphocyte
    • Helper t-cell
    • Amplifier t-cell
    • Suppressor t-cell
    • Delayed hypersensitivity t-cell
    • Killer (sytotoxic) t-cell
    • Memory t-cell
    • (all 6 types are sensitized for the one specific antigen that started the process)
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