Ch48 & 49

  1. Would a class II restoration be found in the anterior or posterior teeth? SIte an example, list a tooth number and surface.
    • Posterior teeth
    • MOD on tooth #13
  2. What population has a higher incidence of class V restorations?
    Older adults
  3. WHat type of moisture control is recommended for a Class III or Class IV?
    Dental dam
  4. What cavity classification would a lingual pit on tooth #8 be referred to as?
    Class I
  5. The "blank" is and internal wall of the cavity preparation thst is perpendicular to the long axis of the tooth.
    Pulpal wall
  6. Identify three reasons why and intermediate restoration would be placed.
    • Finance reasons
    • Waiting for a permanent restoration
    • Health of tooth
  7. In what direction is the smaller circumference of the band positioned when a matrix band is positioned properly?
    towards the gingiva
  8. Which filler type of composite resin has the strongest makeup and has been used most commonly for posterior restorations?
  9. When light-curing composite resins, which factor would require a longer curing time of the material?
    • shade of restoration
    • depth of cavity
  10. What tooth surface most often receives a veneer?
    Anterior Facial surface
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Ch48 & 49
Ch48 & 49